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For those who know exactly what they want already.   Notice the dramatic discount for a bundle of sessions, which can be whatever combination of healing and horsemanship sessions you prefer.  🙂  Click on the little arrow will bring up those saving opportunities.

Jenny’s Sessions

Private lessons or healing sessions are an opportunity to specifically target exactly what’s going on with person or animal, horse and/or rider, to mix private coaching with our other programs and speed things up – whether it’s animal communication, super connected riding / dancing with your horse, looking for the magic again after a bad accident, healing for you and your horse or learning how to uncover your own healing talent.  Sometimes a session ends up being a combination of all of these. 🙂

Between smartphones, i-pads and lap top computers, there are so many wonderful video platforms now that make learning with your horse and problem solving easy, no matter what your technical skills.  Email me if you have any questions and we can figure out the technical stuff.

My feel for others is acute and sensitive and working by distance whether video lessons with your horse, or riding seat sessions or healing sessions is very successful as you’ll see in some of the stories and videos and testimonials below.

Healing Sessions

We work successfully with things that modern medicine considers incurable simply because they don’t look at the big picture the way that we (alternative therapists) do. There are usually many threads that have to weave together to produce really powerful healing:

Emotional: Emotional stress causes physical tension that causes muscles and bones to be pulled out of alignment and joints to be stressed in such a way that causes pain and sometimes even disability. The entire process can be reversed by attending to the original emotional stressor.

Physical:  Posture – the automatic positioning of our muscles and bones as we move, has an incredibly huge effect on the joints and on our ability to heal. Physical healing also includes other incredibly important things like our body’s ability to digest food properly, the effects of that digestion on our hormones and brain chemicals and the availability of minerals and nutrients that can support the body to heal.

Mental / Beliefs: Don’t get me started on how big a contribution our mental state can make to our ability to heal – we don’t have a couple of hours for discussion!  Lets just say that when we clean up the “oh so not useful old” beliefs that block our body’s ability to heal – then extraordinary things can happen. And this is NOT about positive affirmations or positive thinking – it’s about understanding the root CAUSES of problems in our belief system.

Healing People & Horses

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Pye - rescued by Melanie


Here’s a recent testimonial from June in Houston about a distance healing session we did with her dog Lucy who was unwilling to move and groaning with the pain of arthritis even through the painkillers the vet had her on.

June's dog Lucy after a session websized

Out on a walk a few days after the healing.

After the healing session, Lucy was very much better. I took the dogs for a short walk, and she bounced a little for the leash, which she hasn’t done for a while. She’s a “gaited” dog – and while she’s been in pain, she’s only been doing her two-beat lateral walk. But on the walk today, she was able to do her four-beat walk and her two-beat diagonal trot. And she wanted to go for a longer walk. She then went upstairs without having to pause for a long rest on the landing, and came downstairs again to greet my husband when he got home.

Then later…

I forgot to mention that after our session, I didn’t give Lucy any more of the Gabapentin or Tramadol – I’ve just kept up the Rimadyl.

You’ll notice that June had reduced Lucy’s pain killers and she was still improving.  🙂  As at editing this page today (12/2016), Lucy’s arthritis has been reversed from the 6th stage of degeneration (which is agonising) and we’re working on the 3rd stage.  She’s still a bit stiff, but can now get up and down off the sofa, climb the stairs, enjoy her walks and enjoy life generally.  When we get her out of he first stage, her degenerative arthritis will have been completely reversed and simply no longer exist.

Homeopathic medicine. 

My very first huge success as a homeopath was with a Labradoodle stud with 56 puppies with Parvo virus.   A traveling vet had contaminated the puppy school by dropping and smashing a live virus vaccination on the floor – turned out not to be not such a cheap visit after all…

The local vet had already lost 8 puppies at the vet surgery by the time they called me in.  We saved 54 puppies with homeopathic medicine and reiki healing – all improved straight away – BIG long story that I’ll get round to writing one day. 🙂

Burnout & Overwhelm

One of my specialties is helping people understand and release what is causing the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of burnout and overwhelm.

The same kind of sensitivity that makes people brilliant horse people when they understand how to use their feel for others, is the sensitivity that is behind burn out and overwhelm.

It’s an enormous relief to sensitive people – empowering them in ways that both recover from and avoid future burnout and overwhelm is why our work in this area is so successful.

PTSD from Horse Falls & Other Accidents

Another specialty here, is eliminating the tension from old falls and accidents that sooo… gets in the way of us being the best rider that we can be.

Some of these old falls and accidents are closer to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than just a fright. Leanne is talking about the results of clearing away the effects and tension of PTSD from a 20 year old accident in the video below. She was very happily surprised at the effectiveness of this session (and a couple of others around the same subject) when two years of therapy on the same issue hadn’t noticeably reduced the debilitating fear and tension from that terrible accident.

Lessons with Your Horse

Click here to read about Lessons with your horse, because you can have a mixture of healing sessions and lessons when you purchase a block of private sessions.

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