Jenny Pearce

Noora Ehnqvist rocks!

I have just had the privilege of a very special day with Noora Ehnqvist and I am lost for words.  Me – a writer – lost for words!  How can I describe what Noora does? Or what she is like?

She is incredibly soft and gentle, incredibly attuned to horses and people and yet grounded and sensible.  She gets to the heart of a horse’s difficulties in about 2 seconds flat.  I have a horse here for float training and she nailed his problem with a glance.

She worked with me on the vaulting horse with extraordinary energy and sensitivity for some incredible healing.

Her work is a combination of body awareness for people that helps them with their deep connection to the horses and an understanding of what makes horses and people tick that is profound.  What makes it so hard to describe what Noora does, is that it is not just one thing or even ten things.  She does whatever is needed with THAT horse in THAT moment – with THAT human in THAT moment – with true compassion and sensitivity.

Click here for Noora’s website. She is holding clinics in Australia, Finland, Holland, France and England over the next six months.  For the Australian clinics that are happening right now, contact Petra  and get there quick, because she is not in Australia for much longer.  She was leaving here for Seymour in Victoria.

And if you have the chance to get to a clinic – I would grab it – because Noora rocks!



  1. Fiona 02/08/2013, 6:29 pm Reply

    Noora stayed in my home for a week while conducting the NSW course. I had a private day of tuition and came away at the end of it thinking, “this woman can teach me everything I want to know in just the way I want to learn it! She is the embodiment of what I have been seeking and is able to put it all together to make perfect sense, from my soul and heart to the physical doing.”

  2. Narel 02/08/2013, 1:38 pm Reply

    Amen to that Jenny, after working with both of you I feel that both methods of teaching highly complement each other.. would have loved to see the two of you together! Noora’s clinic here in NSW was so incredible, intuitive, sensitive and highly adaptable to each individual horse and person.

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