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Oh my goodness – you’ve just got to read this!

Kinship with all Life – bookcover from Amazon

I just finished the lovliest book called Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone, that was recommended by a couple of ladies in our spiritual horsemanship group.

It’s full of heart felt and insightful stories about his connections with all sorts of animals including the famous dog movie star Strongheart, who started him off on his journey, rattlesnakes and even a fly.

This man had an AMAZING relationship with a fly!

I am bouncing up and down with excitement here – you’ve just got to read about it!  He brings different words and a slightly different perspective to my own insights – which have included not only horses, but a wild seal, a pet snake as well as wild ones, the cabbage moth grubs in my vegetable garden, the crows who were stealing my eggs and one particularly amazing house spider.

It is so cool to read about someone who has taken it even further than just the connection.  What an amazing man!

Apart from the wonderful stories – it’s a really easy read – there was so much in the book that resonated with me.

Since I started writing my own books, I tend to not read other people’s non-fiction – because I have an incredibly good memory and could plagiarise at the drop of a hat without even realising it – but THIS book, THIS book is a keeper!




  1. Haruko 01/26/2015, 8:32 pm Reply

    Hi ! I am reading this book now and going to introduce you, hahaha.

  2. Anna-Karin Hägglund 07/04/2012, 7:42 am Reply

    I am reading the book right now and it is a lovely book. I agree with you that it is an easy book to read even for me, a person with english as a second language. I look forward to read about the snake and the fly:))


    • Jenny 07/04/2012, 4:24 pm Reply

      I loved the part about the microbiologist who connected with his bacteria (am I remembering that right?) or connected with the stuff in his microscope – THAT had me sharing the book with my son who is doing some cutting edge work with energy.

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