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Before you sell that horse

Sue wants to share Mr Pete’s story in the hope that it will save someone else from the heartbreak of thinking that they need to “get rid of that horse”.

Mr Pete’s story is a common one

Mr Pete’s owner was advised by her trainer to “get rid of that horse” because in the trainer’s opinion, he was dangerous.  As an example of their training methods, the trainer had “tied him up for days on end with a short rope and  lunged him around in side reins for 30 laps before riding.  Then when they rode him he spooked at everything.”  What a surprise… (Some good old Aussie sarcasm there!)

Sue wrote:  “I have spent 16 months just trying to get back into riding and all I have done is spent 1000′ s of dollars and haven’t got anywhere, just got worse. My only hope is that I still have Pete and hopefully we can work through this together”.

Sue started with the free lessons The 9 Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, liked our gentle and incredibly horse centred approach here and then started on Fast Track to Brilliant Riding a few months ago.  With that program and some email support and encouragement and one live conversation, she made these extraordinary changes with her riding ability and confidence and with this supposedly dangerous horse.

Sue:  Hi Jenny I’m loving the fast track yeah it’s going good.  Petes going really well. We’re getting out of the round yard slowly, done some trotting, he feels very free and lovely and soft and my seat is pretty good.  I do get tense sometimes but I just do a quiet mind on myself while on him and it gets better, still working with it.

Pete is a very patient horse for his age takes it in his stride he likes being out of the round yard . We can do all our transitions pretty well now. A lot of the time I just think Trot and squeeze and off he goes.

Since I spoke to you the other day we had a bit of a moment where our connection has clicked.  I think it was more me self doubting. The last couple of days he has just gone in leaps and bounds doing everything I ask – backing back,  side passes which I had taught him in the ground but it’s like he’s just clicked and gone “I know what you want” and the more I visualise it, the more it works.

Still taking it very slowly, just working in my paddock now which is like 10 acres with bush in it so it’s perfect for trial riding exposure.

Jenny:  For background to this next bit – Mr Pete’s companion died recently and then he was alone.

In this photo, Mr Pete was listening to Sue’s partner playing his guitar.

Sue:  I have to tell you something that really blew me away.  Every night I do a quiet mind before I go to bed and the last 4 nights Pete has being standing at my bedroom window (he has access to the house) so when I put on the meditation he can hear it.  The first night I just kept thinking I wish he would lay down and sleep as he’s on his own and I worry he doesn’t lay down being on his own. Well next minute he whinnys to me and I jump out of bed to see what’s wrong and he’s laying down.  It was so beautiful I nearly cried.

Well every night now at 9 pm he’s up there waiting.  I put the meditation on and down he goes out to it for hours.  I feel so happy for him that he can rest even though he’s on his own.  I just had to share that with you thanks again.  I will get on the forum.  I had a bit of a look the other day and I will get to a live seminar I just find it so hard to get up early after my week at work early starts.😀sue

Hi Jenny I just wanted to let you know your seminar on talking to the animals was awesome . Look I will be honest I’m not sure if I’m getting it but today I’m sure Pete and I had a conversion like a real conversation it’ just seemed crazy.  Am I imagining all this or have I finally tapped into it?

It seemed too easy, it just happened.  It was like he was yelling at me and I had this voice in my head telling me all this stuff and he was so thankful that I was finally listening. I thought to myself, if this is real can you turn and face me?  And he did. I felt and still feel so emotionally overwhelmed with love from him. It made me cry.

So what I’m asking Jenny have I finally started to communicate or am I putting theses ideas in my head?  I so hope this is it because it makes me feel wonderful. Thankyou sue 😀

Jenny: The more practice you get, the more validation you get that what you’re “hearing” and feeling is real and useful and practical 🙂  I’m running that animal communication course again next week, so get on my email list to hear all about it. 🙂

Sue:  Hi Jenny just wanted to let you know I need to share my excitement with someone.  I have taken Pete for his second ride out in the bush all I can say he’s incredible, so relaxed . It’s blowing a gale here and nothing has bothered him. He does everything I ask.  I found today if he does get stressed, I go straight into my quiet mind and bang he just relaxes and goes with the flow. I just want to say Thankyou I’m so grateful to have found you. You have changed my life with horses I feel and see things so different now I just can’t wait to go riding and he is the same.

I do a quiet mind lesson with him every time we ride I’m sure that gets us both set for a ride. He’s definitely a gem.  I don’t know what the trainer did but he doesn’t even think about shying . I’ve had goannas and kangaroos jump out and it doesn’t faze him.

Jenny:  Well I know what the trainer did with him that turned him into a shying, spooking wreck.  She went too fast, didn’t have any consideration for his confusion, for his lack of understanding what she was asking him, or consideration for his fear and anxiety, so it all built up until he was exploding in spookiness.

AND this horse is a natural Caretaker.  So many trainers stuff up Caretakers, because they slow down or stop when they are afraid or confused OR when they sense that YOU are afraid or confused!  They slow down to look after YOU.  And then people beat them or spur them forwards until they lose their ability to look after people like Mr Pete had lost because of the trainer’s handling.

It’s so darned unnecessary!  And so are most other behavioral reasons for selling a horse.  Every single problem you have with a horse is an opportunity for a deeper bond – when you solve it right.  And 9 times out of 10, solving it right just takes love, a willingness to approach things differently and a bit of knowledge.

Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. (My paraphrasing! 🙂 )  And it’s exactly the same with horses.  You cannot solve a horse behavior problem with the same kind of thinking or force that created the problem in the first place.  Most people are seriously surprised at how easy it is to fix problems when you know how.

So email me if you have a horse problem and we’ll have a chat about a different way to approach a solution.

Back to Mr Pete

Then they hit what looked like a big road block.  Mr Pete started displaying some stallion like behavior that was quite intimidating and they had to stop for a few weeks.  Sue, (another Sue on staff here) got the communication that he was desperately in need of a horse companion again after his previous companion had died.

So Sue (Mr Pete’s owner) put out for and found the perfect mare companion who has sorted out all that young horse behavior in her very matter of fact way and now they’re all beautifully back on track again.

Sue:  Hi guys just wanted to let you know how Pete and I are going. I’m back riding him he took three weeks to settle in with Share (the new horse). Petes being fantastic he’s not stiff and sore after his Bowen.  He’s so much more relaxed to ride no buddy sourness at all.  Very keen to go and do some riding.  Done trail rides with not one drama about leaving, coming home very relaxed at a walk he doesn’t hurry at all and so keen to do flat work and he has been perfect.  So thanks again to both of you for giving me and Pete the knowledge to get this beautiful relationship. 🙂

Jenny:  Congratulations Sue for having the courage to step out in a new direction with your horse, your willingness to email me when things weren’t going well, so that we could support you and the determination to do well with your beautiful boy.  Because THAT folks is the foundation of what it takes – the heart and desire to be good with our horse.  All else flows from that.  Well done to all three of you. 🙂

Coming up:

1.  We’re doing an Animal Communication course in a week or so, I’ll email about that to everyone on the email list and it will lead on into the next exciting project…

2.  Da da!  drum roll!  We’re running a new expanded version of the live Happiness course after the brilliant success of last year’s program.   We had astounding results with depression, relationship and family issues, grief, overwhelming sensitivity, practical abundance, accessing your inner wisdom, understanding our feelings – all stuff that I’ll talk about later – I’m on holiday now!  🙂  This new program is expanded to all animals capable of being therapy animals, not just horses.  “Practical Happiness for Animal Lovers” is poised to make an enormous difference in the world.  So stay tuned!





  1. Di 02/18/2018, 12:48 pm Reply

    Well, I’ve been thinking…. I guess you heard the noise?
    With I’ve learned so far, I think ALL horses are caretakers IF WE ONLY JUST LISTEN, HEAR and RESPOND according to their message/s? xx 🙂

    • jennyp 02/18/2018, 12:58 pm Reply

      Oh Di… sooo very true. It’s getting their ABILITY to look after us to match their DESIRE to look after us.

  2. June Salzenberg 01/10/2018, 9:46 pm Reply

    Send notices

    • jennyp 01/13/2018, 7:24 am Reply

      Sorry June, what do you mean?

  3. Mary House 01/09/2018, 8:14 am Reply

    I dont suppose I ever told you Sasha’s start to life but similar wrong man started her, fried her brain, she played dead with me, more than once, then dumped me badly, everyone said sell the horse I said no she would end up with a rodeo and you know the rest of the story, lots of it thanks to you and your programs. She also taught me so much in connection as a caretaker all of which is already working with Sierra, another caretaker judging from her behaviour to date

    • jennyp 01/09/2018, 8:36 am Reply

      No I didn’t know Sascha’s original history – or if I did know, I had forgotten. Sooo… many horses are in the same boat hey? Fried brains. And it’s so reversable – so fixable…

  4. Michelle 01/09/2018, 3:26 am Reply

    I have a Care Taker horse named Dreamer. He is so intune with all the horses in my area and is such a beautiful sweet boy when out riding. I can’t imagine him in the hands of a forceful trainer…. I am sure he would be a wreck. His spirit is so pure and giving but like you said he takes his time to make sure any one on his back is ok. He even refused to come out of his 3 acre night time enclosure to get his morning carrot with his herd mates….because it was his way of making sure I noticed the mini horse next door needed urgent medical care(tumor behind her eye…very gruesome ) That was so astonishing to me that he knew if he didn’t come I would go and investigate why he was standing in a wired spot…which would lead me to see her prolapsed eye. He has countless stories like this and we have only been together 1 1/2 years. So pleased that so many people are listening to the master teachers….HORSES✌🏼️❤️🐴

    • jennyp 01/09/2018, 6:22 am Reply

      How utterly wonderful for both of you that you have both the communication and the understanding and the heart to “hear” him.

  5. Susannah 01/08/2018, 4:16 pm Reply

    Oh wow, what a fantastic, beautiful, amazing, heart healing story. Tears welling over Pete arriving at the window each night for his meditation! Thankyou for sharing such an inspiring journey xx

    • jennyp 01/08/2018, 6:20 pm Reply

      Yes it is a lovely image isn’t it? Even more yummy now he has a happy horse companion as well. 🙂

  6. Sue and Pete 01/08/2018, 3:38 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny thanks so much for the right up. It’s so good to read it all together . I realise Pete and I have come so far in 12 months after reading it all. I’m so very proud of him and please everyone don’t give up on them as you can see the relationship that is developing for both of us is so wonderful and special . I’m so glad I never gave up on him as he is such a dear friend to me. 😀Sue and Mr Pete

    • jennyp 01/08/2018, 6:20 pm Reply

      You’re welcome Sue. As you can see, it’s a story that is touching people’s hearts. I have been so proud for you both! And it’s only a few months since you ditched the trainer isn’t it?

      • Sue and Pete 01/13/2018, 12:33 pm Reply

        Hi Jenny yes I ditched the trainer back in August and we haven’t looked back. I also found your fast track program and yourself. It’s a wonderful journey where on and it just keeps getting better. 😀

        • jennyp 01/13/2018, 2:17 pm Reply

          Thanks for the recommendation for Fast Track Sue! That’s it isn’t it – the JOURNEY ITSELF keeps getting better and better. I never knew that was possible before. I.H. I’m coining a new expression here. I.H. Insightful Horsemanship, Inspirational Horsemanship, Intelligent Horsemanship, Instinctive Horsemanship. Woohoo! I feel a really good blog coming on! 🙂

  7. Barbara Tilson 01/08/2018, 2:27 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny! This posting about Sue and Pete came at a very good time for me. My older horse that I leased for the past year and a half, is being retired and moving away from his home of 20 years in Massachusetts to the state of Virginia. It just so happens that I grew up in Virginia and have a sister who lives about an hour away from the retirement farm where he is going next week. I’ve been an emotional wreck since the decision was made even though I feel it was the right one. The place where he is going looks like heaven for horses. There is tons of land for the horses and really good people to look after them. Still the transition is hard on me…not on him yet except he has been through some physical difficulties losing teeth and some sight too. Getting old sucks for all of us, right? He still has a lot of energy and I think will be able to exercise easily in his new home. I will be able to visit him sometimes when I am down there to visit family…so that is another good thing. But…I’m still sad and I have to find another horse to lease which will not be the same kind of situation. Anyhow, hearing about how Sue worked through her issues with Pete through using meditation and quieting her mind at stressful moments is a really good reminder that Chase and I can do this and I will be able to do this with a new horse when the time comes for that. Take care…

    • jennyp 01/08/2018, 6:18 pm Reply

      Not only can you do the Quiet Mind work and make sure that the decision is the right one for Chase now, you can also stay in touch with him with the connection work by distance. In fact, distance is no barrier to connection. Have you got 21 Days to a Quiet Mind? Email me and we’ll talk about how you can do that connection work from a distance. What’s with the lease thing? I’m not familiar with this as a normal way of participating with a horse.

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