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Follow up to “The Beauty of a Horse’s Soul”

Hannah & Maia bridleless

Hannah & Maia in their ten day bridle-less experiment


Oh man… you are so gonna’ love this next part of the story.  If you haven’t read the first part of this blog yet click here for “The Beauty of a Horse’s Soul”

After Hannah won the GoldStar Scholarship, she joined us on our monthly student Live Seminar.  I often do a “live lesson” with someone as part of the seminar and that month it turned out that Hannah was it.

It’s a long time ago now, so my memory may not be exact, but in that way that I always seem to work best, we cleared away what was BEHIND Hannah not being able to connect as deeply with Maia as she wanted to, with the yearning that she expressed so eloquently in that last blog.

At the time Hannah was away from Maia, working on the other side of the country for three months.  After the live session, she connected with Maia by distance – vividly and regularly.  There’s a missing bit of the story – I’d love to know exactly what happened in their first meeting together again – but she sent me a testimonial that said  “A year ago I couldn’t even catch my horse. And then I met Jenny Pearce—embarked on her program—and began glimpsing the beauty of pure connection with horses that I’d only dreamed of.”

The next bit that’s expressed in Hannah’s own words is this excerpt from her blog:



Hannah's storm

“The Voice of The Divine in a Bareback Ride”

Off to the west, thunder and lightning, but try as it might, the clouds could not fill up the sky with gray. In South Dakota, there is always more sky.

Today was the third afternoon of my bridleless experiment, riding without cordeo, sticks, whips, or anything but myself and my horse; I’d committed to ten rides in a row of this to see if bridleless long term is possible or should stay closed in the realm of the dreamers.

Maybe I’d keep the bridle off for a month. Maybe the summer. Maybe forever. I wouldn’t put any limits on what the Lord wanted me to do.

We face the west, watch the lightning, and Maia snorts into rain-wet wind. Why am I here, Lord? Why do I ride? What am I missing that is beyond just reins and saddles, trot and canter, oat hay and brome grass? There is more—I know there is—there is a reason we long to ride, to be united with the power and the beauty and the sound of hoofbeats in summer grass.

There is more than one reason, actually, but today, there is a specific one: I want you to hear My voice, He says.

So Maia and I set off again, and suddenly, thoughts flood through my mind—sit up taller, look ahead now, yes! and breathe and breathe and breathe. Maia loosens, breathes, and in just a few minutes, we had our breakthrough: long and low at the walk, stretching, forward, softly bent, and utterly, completely bridleless. I haven’t been able to reach that state of beauty on my own. Ever.

In itself, this is not new—to walk with God, to converse about my day and yesterday’s breakfast and the e-mail I’m supposed to send by 3 p.m.—but this is different, now, a God-guided horse training. I haven’t read about that in my books or heard that in my church.

But do you know what this is?

This is hope.


Blue Sword


“She was, for the first few moments, fearful of her own lack of skill [to ride Tsornin bridleless], and of the strength of the big horse, but she found they understood each other… She felt almost uneasy that it was too simple, that she understood too readily. But she was too caught up in the beauty of it to wish to doubt it long.”

~The Blue Sword

Hmmm… I have to get this book!


I am almost reluctant to bring Hannah’s beautiful writings back to the practicalities of how she arrived there on that day, with the thoughts and ideas flowing that brought her breakthrough.  I say  “Almost reluctant” only because everybody who wishes to, should be able to experience “The voice of the divine” with their horse should they wish it – and to do that, we need to bring things back to the practicalities and THAT folks is my talent – the practicalities… the “how to do it”.

What you are reading Hannah describe, is the flow of feel that happens when you are absolutely authentic with your horse,  when you listen to your inner wisdom in whatever way it flows uniquely for you and take action on whatever that wisdom is bringing up for you like it did with Hannah in this story.  It starts way back in The Keys to Happiness, when you first connect with them, when you make a commitment to listen to your horse and systematically take action to help them to feel safe.

This is an important point, because you cannot hear that inner voice through either your own or your horse’s fear or anxiety or nerves or frustration or any other yucky feelings that we are resisting. There are levels of authenticity – I am still finding new and more glorious levels of authentic connection with my inner guidance and enjoying the journey with that.

You can call it the Voice of God, you can call it Inner Wisdom, you can call it the Voice of your horse – I believe that no matter what we call it, like Hannah said –  we are connecting to the divine…


More about Hannah for your interest:

Like all of us who are not beginners, Hannah has worked with some other great and inspiring mentors and teachers, adding our work here to everything magnificent that she already was and knew.

Early in 2014, Hannah went off to work with the Defender Foundation – a faith based organization rescuing girls from human traffickers, with Maia in foal being looked after by a friend.  I haven’t heard any updates of either of them since, but that makes sense, it’s not the kind of work that you broadcast.  Join me if you will, on wishing her continued safety and much joy in her work.


Update on our update from Hannah herself:

I lived in Florida and Louisiana doing nonprofit work with anti-human trafficking when I decided to best fight human trafficking I would join law enforcement.  So I moved over to central Texas in the Dallas area and joined the Ft Worth police department which has a unique emphasis on anti human trafficking.  I am just finishing up my training as a patrol officer and am getting back into doing work with nonprofits and so on.

Maia unfortunately has just had to chill in the pasture this year with me being utterly consumed by police academy/training.  I miss her terribly even though she’s only about 20min from my house.  I am currently, as of literally this afternoon, trying to find a little house to rent in the country so I can have her on site with me, I just cannot bear any longer being so far from her!!




  1. Joanna 09/29/2015, 2:34 am Reply

    oooh, that is so beautiful – it has made my day! there was nothing new Hannah needed to learn, or training techniques she needed to improve – she unblocked to allow the natural flow and to hear the divine through her mare – gorgeous, and may all her good work continue.

    • jennya 09/29/2015, 7:37 am Reply

      You nailed it Joanna. She unblocked her FEEL – that unique talent that WE ALL HAVE – that ability to know in the moment what we have to do to succeed in whatever it is that we are looking for from our horse. There is no technique that substitutes for feel. In fact, very often techniques will actually take you out of the feeling place and create more resistance and problems than they solve. That’s why here we have such a big focus on the practical step by step “how to” develop feel. 🙂

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