Jenny Pearce

Talk to the Animals – a three day program

Did you ever see that Dr Doolittle movie when you were a kid and yearn to talk to the animals like he did?

Now that we’re all grown up, do you STILL wish you could talk to your animals?  Would you like that extra special closeness that comes from a deep understanding of each other and knowing what each other is thinking? Do you want to support them better when they’re sick?  Have them able to communicate when something’s wrong?

Everyone can do it!

It’s not about suddenly hearing the voices of the rats in the rubbish bin having a conversation like Dr Doolittle did in the modern version of the movie – but with a bit of practice, yes you would know what was wrong with the sick lion who was in the same movie. 🙂 

EVERYONE has their unique skills to Feel / Connect / Communicate with animals – we talk extensively about all those different skills and you’ll start to find your own in the first lesson.    I’ve been doing this connection work  for 12 years now and I’ve not yet met anyone that I couldn’t teach to feel / hear / connect with their animals and I seriously doubt you’re going to be the first. 🙂 

So what about this funny money thing?

SOMEhow I have to communicate what fun this program is and how much richer people’s lives are as they develop a conscious two way communication with their animal.  So I thought I’d have – and give you – a bit of fun with the money side of this program too. At the end of this already recorded 3 day seminar series you get to choose whether to pay the suggested $7 or not.  And I gotta tell you, it’s already a $100 program, before I even give you the chance to choose.

Talk to the Animals – the program

1.   The program is THREE  days of fun, getting better and better at deep, whole of body listening, which is the foundation for two way communication.

2.   Each session contains a lesson AND a meditative Quiet Mind (which is my secret to success in teaching people their unique ability to listen) AND a coaching session with people who put their hand up for support, all of whom had vastly different ways of listening to their animals. 

3.   The coaching sessions have enormous impact for everyone who listens.  We covered so many aspects of the things that we animal lovers worry about the most –  there’s even one lady who had been filled with grief for a long time, who makes her first connection with her beloved animals who have passed over.  You’ll see in the testimonial below that Di had the same experience when she listened to the recording.  That particular skill is not mine and it may not be yours either, but it was very exciting to be a part of and I expect you’ll enjoy it too. 🙂

4. Your communication can be a relaxed daily exchange of information with each other, but we also cover the format for a more formal communication session with your animal.

5. My wild animal story about training Trevor the fly – yes you’re reading that right – is a great example of the kind of things that have to be in place for success with hearing wild animals.

CLICK HERE for the registration page to get your 3 recorded seminars now.  Remember, there’s no charge – you get to choose at the end whether it’s worth your $7 or not – and you can choose NOT to pay, no questions asked, not even any frowning. 🙂

You want to spend your $7 now already? Sure!



If you’re looking for a testimonial for Talk to the Animals, you couldn’t go past this moving story from Di – a lawyer who because of her lawyer’s brain and practicality, seriously expected to be the first person to not be able to do this. CLICK HERE to read her story.