Jenny Pearce

“Talk to Your Soul – emotional healing with a pendulum”

This electronic book,  released  in July 2009, is a step by step set of instructions on how to release, clear away and get rid of old emotional baggage, using the simple pendulum to access the sub-conscious of your brain.

Talk to Your Soul is an addition to Jenny’s other books – giving us another method to find our emotional balance.

Have you noticed that great horsemen and women are these amazingly calm people who are not easily rattled?

Systematic emotional healing work has played a significant part in my journey with horses to where I am today, giving me a systematic way of getting rid of old buried emotional stuff when I have been stuck.

So here it is for you – a systematic way of clearing out old emotional baggage that either stands alone or can be used in addition to “Zen Connection with Horses” and “Pathway to Heaven on Earth”.

This book gives systematic, step by step instructions on how you can use a pendulum to get at old emotional baggage that is intensifying whatever new upsets you might have.

You could be reading this e-book in minutes for $10.00AUD  with my personal “love this book or get your money back” guarantee.

There are free instructions for using a pendulum on my blog, so don’t buy the book if you are just looking for HOW to use a pendulum.  There are two “how to use a pendulum videos” on the article about chia seeds and horses here.

Please email me personally  – if you have any trouble downloading the book.