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A rider’s view of the clinic we just had at Rokeby and crikey it was the most beautfiul experience for a “teacher”!

My friend Sue McKibbin who owns the farm that we are on here, just posted a blog on her new website about her experience in the four day clinic that we just finished.

Sue is already an advanced rider with a wealth of information from other places and has trained with the best in the world in their fields –  like Peggy Cummings of Connected Riding fame and Robin Hood of T Team and the not in the lime light but magnificent Australian horseman Philip Nye.  It was seriously cool for me as a teacher to see her add the nuances of my work to all that prior knowledge and just nail it.  She went from being  a very nice rider to freakin’ brilliant!

And the tears of joy pouring down her face said it all.

Click here to go to her blog for what she said herself.

In this clinic, for the first time, I stepped out into everything of who I am and I knew it was going to be special – but I had no idea how special.  It was the most amazing privilege to be the “teacher” when nine people stepped into profound transformations, deep healing and beautiful, beautiful horsemanship.

And the horses – the horses!  Crikey they just turned over to their people.  One scared  youngster completely turned around – job done –  BEFORE we even went out to the horses at the end of the first day.  The transformations in the people (who were already good riders and beautiful people) had created major changes in the horses before we even got that far.

On tonight’s live seminar From Your Horse’s Heart, a couple of the participants from the clinic are going to try and come in on a live interview to talk about their keys to success and some of their stories will go up on this blog over the next few days.

The good news is that we had a young Stephen Spielberg filming 3 of the 4 days –  Anthony, a young media and film student from the university in Melbourne.   The bad news is that it is 12 hours of film that I have to go through and that might take QUITE a while!   Hmmm since that’s the only “bad” news I’m pretty blessed hey?



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