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A testimonial for the brilliant riding position that is taught in the From Your Horse’s Heart program.

In or out of competition – but SPECIALLY if you are competing on a horse at any level, you are going to want the riding seat that this guy has found on his horse – the seat that I show you how to find in the   on-line lesson program From Your Horse’s Heart. 

“Russell” uses low key words that make me smile because they tell me that he has found “it” – the “it” that serious students of the horse are looking for, no matter what discipline you ride in.  Whether you want a good seat and world class feel for three star eventing like he does or whether you want it for the confidence that it gives you as you go for your Sunday ride out in the bush – it gives you a beautiful feeling to be this mentally, emotionally and physically connected to your horse.

This guy is a seeker of horse knowledge and has had private lessons from teachers that are among the best in the world, yet he found his biggest riding breakthrough,  because of our online lessons From Your Horse’s Heart.

Here is the email that I received from him this morning…


Recently my back packed in as it had done a few years earlier. My back has never been an issue health wise until these recent episodes. (The over 60’s club!)

I went to the chiropractor and he pinpointed it to the last vertebrae near the pelvis, which had showed up on the previous x-rays.

Over the next few weeks it improved daily but I was still restricted in my movement.

Jenny had been emphasising “the message is perfect” approach, it is just how it is sent we are not thrilled with. The lesson was fantastic and prayerfully I won’t forget it.

(Me: In our course, I talk about  “the message is perfect” in all kinds of circumstances – for example – our horse’s behaviour when they have bucked us off is clearly not perfect, the fear we feel at times is clearly not perfect, and in this case, the pain Russell  was feeling in his back was also clearly not perfect – but the MESSAGE that the bucking horse was bringing us WAS perfect, the MESSAGE of the fear WAS perfect and the MESSAGE of the pain Russell was experiencing in his back WAS perfect – as you will see from the rest of his post.)

Every time I sat down and particularly in the car, my pelvis would hurt until I found neutral pelvis or powerful posture.

At this time Jenny was giving us lesson 60? On meditating on inner peace to find our riding position and the focus was on allowing the hip joint (where the thigh bone meets the pelvis) to open outwards. This then allows our “soapy bones” to operate more effectively.

(Me: This sounds more complicated than it is.  “Soapy bones” is a description Peggy Cummings uses to describe that feeling of all our joints being available for movement smoothly and easily with no resistance.  It is as if all the joints were sliding against each other with that no resistance feel that you get when your skin is slick with soap.  I have figured out some ways of helping you find that amazing place of no resistance in the joints that I have put into the lessons of the From Your Horse’s heart program.  This availability of your joints for movement, this no resistance in the joints, is one of the keys to having a world class riding seat.   

The result being that when we get on the horse we more efficiently find our neutral pelvis.  Me:  The neutral pelvis is another key to a world class riding seat. I have some great ways of helping you find THAT by distance too.

I now realise that I have been deliberately rolling my pelvis under and therefore couldn’t find neutral. This problem came about through the “sitting horse position” of Tai Chi, which I had practised so diligently. (Me: Darn it!  Don’t you hate it when we have been practising something so hard and it wasn’t right!) 

Without the back pain I may never have found the right position. With finding this position I have now experienced:- – The stretchy band from my sacrum to the sternum. – An easy core strength. – A readiness when I mount to ride without tension.

Thank you Jenny.  Warmest regards, Russell Morris

Me:  What Russell is describing with those oh so very low key words, is the riding position that has you riding like a centaur and because you are so magnetised there on your horse’s back, your confidence can be sky high too.  It’s a riding position that enables your horse to move in a beautiful free and natural rhythm.  And when you combine this riding position with all the other feel and confidence work for you and your horse that is in the course- OMGosh the sky is the limit!

Congratulations Russell!

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