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Eavesdrop on a world champion

When I asked for feedback from World Champion Reining Rider Kristine Nesbitt after a couple of distance lessons that she had with me (notice this blog was written in 2013), I sure got more than I’d bargained for when she talked about how these lessons gave her a confidence that she had never had before.

Errr… world champion… and she got confidence that she never had before????

The recording of that interview is below, listen for yourself  and see what I mean.  Kristine is a World Champion reining rider.  She won the Americana World Cup Championship in Augsberg in Germany, then she came back to the States and won many top honours there as well, including at the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) World Championship Show.

Her reining pattern with her beloved horse Canojo Doc  was voted one of the top ten of all time.

Clearly Kristine was a brilliant rider already – of course, she was already a world champion.  🙂  And yet she STILL made a breakthrough in her riding AND with a particular  horse who had been difficult AND an unexpected life breakthrough too.   Confidence and happiness were worth more than her world championships – straight from the mouth of someone who’s experienced it and knows.

If you have any trouble with the audio player above, here’s a back up. Eavesdrop on a world champion.

Kristine’s lessons came about because I was looking for famous people and ways to prove that our revolutionary on line programs were as good as I know they are, in improving your riding seat AND your Feel for your horse.   We both got a lot more than we bargained for – it was lovely.

In those two riding seat lessons that Kristine and I were talking about in that audio above, we worked together to identify the blockages and tensions in her body and release them permanently – with the same RELEASE, RE-LEARN and RE-PROGRAM formula that makes our on line horse course Fast Track to Brilliant Riding so special and the riding seat improvement so much faster than ordinary riding lessons.

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  1. Catherine 02/18/2019, 10:25 am Reply

    What a wonderful interview…I feel so inspired hearing about her release and the free feelings she felt after this while riding!
    Thank you for sharing this interview 😊

    • jennyp 02/19/2019, 11:29 am Reply

      She’s a bit special isn’t she? Her willinglness to be ao open and authentic was just a joy. 🙂

  2. Sandy Walden 02/08/2019, 10:10 am Reply

    Couldn’t see or hear the audio. It was very disappointing as l would have liked to hear what she had to say.

    • jennyp 02/08/2019, 11:02 am Reply

      That’s weird Sandy. I can hear it fine. What do you mean you can’t see it? Can’t see the audio link? It’s an audio not a video… We’ll make sure that you get it! 🙂

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