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Fast Track to Brilliant Riding – Testimonials page

I can tell you how brilliant Fast Track to Brilliant Riding is until I am blue in the face – but it means nothing unless the people who are ON my course think the same way.

Some of the people on the course suggested a testimonials page – so here it is folks!  Put your comments below…



  1. Alison 09/03/2013, 7:30 am Reply

    Hi Jenny

    Just to let you know that I am really enjoying your course, I am up to lesson 20. The lessons are extremely interesting and so easy to understand. For the very first time in my life I have finally been told the correct position to ride in and have actually managed to achieve a lovely smooth riding connection with my horse ( Lord Jim ) ~ I was having some fun with Jim in the school the other day ( transitions from walk trot halts ~ Walking & trotting through slalom barrels L-Shape poles and also used my parachute as a visual circle ~ My connection with Jim was so unlike anything I had before I enrolled on Fast Track ~ The proof of the pudding being when a lady ( who I didn’t know) rode past the school stopped on her horse to tell me that Jim looked lovely! I know for a fact Jim was able to express himself because my Fast Track position on the saddle pad gave him the freedom ( emotionally & physically ) he needed to move his body ~

    I listened to the Seminar recording and took lots of notes, I loved joining in on the finding the alignment of the inner core muscles, especially listening to another persons experiences while they too were doing the exercise. I also looked up The Light Horse Museum ~ What a beautiful tribute! ~ Have they ever read Animals In War by Jilly Cooper?

    My computer is very slow so would probably rule me out joining in on a live seminar ~ But I am quite happy listening to the recordings. The rest of the Students are so interesting to listen to and I learnt quite a lot from them during the last Seminar, They are lovely people ~ Can you say hello to them for me.

    Thank You again Jenny ~ I am loving the course!

    Love & Brightest Blessings


    • Jenny 09/03/2013, 8:04 am Reply

      I love hearing about people enjoying my course Alison – thanks! And it’s always lovely to have our horse admired isn’t it? And you’re only up to Lesson 20 – wait til you do those riding lessons later in the course!

  2. Tammy Nicholas 09/02/2013, 7:15 pm Reply

    I have been working with Jen for a while now, but last year I was thrown from a horse I was trialling…it shattered my confidence completely and I was a nervous rider before that so I felt well and truly beaten. The fast track program has done wonders for my confidence and riding; after the fall I was afraid to do anything but a slow walk but now we are zooming around the arena doing figure eights and all sorts of lovely patterns, trotting around like a centaur. Nothing is coming between my butt and my horse 🙂 it is an awesome feeling. Thank you so much Jen. The magnetic butt is a wonderful thing for both of us.

    • Jenny 09/02/2013, 8:19 pm Reply

      I am very pleased about that Tammy! I didn’t hear about that fall did I? You must have done the fright imprint lesson to get your confidence back so quickly?

  3. amanda savill 08/28/2013, 2:53 pm Reply

    I’m with Jan – ‘I don’t mind whether I’m on Fast Track or slow track as long as it’s Jenny’s track’. About 5 weeks ago I picked up Jenny’s book and CD ‘Zen Connection’ again and am on the first lesson. Zeph is getting softer and softer and is more interested in me than he’s ever been. I’m learning so much doing nothing much at all – and one of the things I’m learning the most is that some of the things I thought my horse wouldn’t do are really things he can’t do. One of the big benefits of this is that I can stop feeling emotional when he doesn’t do what I ask him to do…….aaaaah…………..big relief…………big relax!

    I feel Jenny is teaching me to be the horsewoman I want to be, and am able to be being the person I am, rather than teaching me to train a horse her way which I think is why I haven’t done too well with other teachers.

    It takes a bit of courage because there’s a bit of undoing and letting go to do. I have been skirting round Jenny’s work for a year or so because I knew I was going to see things which I didn’t want to see. But now, seeing my horse slowly unveil himself and to feel the growing compassion we have for each other’s stuck spots is worth everything. And the support from Jenny and the on-line community is phenomenonal.

    Amanda, NSW, Australia

    • Jenny 08/28/2013, 3:56 pm Reply

      That feeling of “I knew I was going to see things which I didn’t want to see”, Amanda, did you find that there was no pain in that all – after all? It’s just that that has been my experience with everyone I have worked with so far. There has been only relief and feeling good about what people saw and understood, not the crappy feelings that some people expected… What was your experience?

      • Jenny 09/02/2013, 5:16 pm Reply

        Here’s a testimonial sent in by email to me from Katie:
        It’s like I am remembering ways of being with my horse that I had forgotten. So familiar yet so unfamiliar at the same time.
        This work is so very subtle and yet so powerfully palpable when applied.

        Thankyou Jenny for the opportunity to remember what I know once again.


  4. Narel 08/26/2013, 3:44 pm Reply

    I discovered Jenny about 18 months ago. After two clinics and completing an online course with Jenny I am privileged to be now helping Jenny as a staff member.

    After a lifetime of horsemanship – from traditional, to natural horsemanship, there was still something wrong… something missing, and a build up of fear and anxiety with me and my horses. Not having much fun anymore.

    Jenny’s teachings were the breath of fresh air I needed to move forward – I was able to finally breathe out and relax with my horses and it was ok. It was ok to step back and not push through fear, in fact by slowing down with our horses to start with, we can speed up with other things further on down the track because our horses know we are listening to them and honouring them as a worthwhile, important being with valid feelings and opinions.

    Jenny’s teachings help us and our horses create a better bond, release any bad history either you or your horse have, and create a wholistic environment for you and your horse’s lives.

    And most importantly of all, Jenny teaches that WE are capable, and have all the answers inside, by using her methods we are encouraged to access our inner wisdom. No putting teachers up on pedestals as having “all the answers” here is allowed!

    The support is fantastic, as is the community of like minded individuals on the forum. And the miracles, they just keep coming. By releasing the negative, relearning using Jenny’s methods and then reprogramming our experiences by really anchoring into all the good things going on with our horses the result equals a place of pure joy and calm.


    Narel, South Coast NSW, Australia

    • Jenny 08/26/2013, 4:53 pm Reply

      I’m glad you focussed on the point that this approach teaches that you how to access your own inner wisdom, Narel. It is SUCH a big deal – because no-one knows your relationship with your horse like you and your horse do – and empowering that relationship is a major focus of mine!

  5. Caroline 08/24/2013, 3:22 am Reply

    A life-long horse fanatic, from a 3 year old child through to middle age adulthood, I witnessed so much that left me feeling cold, and sick to the stomach, when it came to how humans interacted with horses. There was the “old school”, there was the “new school” of horsemanship, and yet I saw the horses still reacting in the same distressed and frightened ways. No number of questions asked received answers that made any sense and so I studied Equine Behaviour. This unleashed horrific understanding of what the domesticated horse suffers at our hands, mostly unknowingly, which lead to fervent research into the “kinder” methods of training. There is much said about the “partnership” of horse and rider, using equine psychology as its foundation, which in the most part, is hugely misleading, misunderstood and misinterpreted. However, I found with Jenny’s way of teaching, is that she teaches the tools of true partnership, where both parties have an equal say in the matter, and an equal part to play. She teaches the skills to enable US to empower our horse to find his/her voice, to allow communication with us, from which comes peaceful trust and a happy willingness to enjoy being and doing things with us, and she teaches US to be empowered to know exactly what is right for us and this horse, and us and that horse. Each is different and we learn all the skills to know what is right for each individual combination. With your new skills, you will always find the right way to release and enjoy your horse’s abilities, and your own. In addition, we are taught how to undo the damage caused from previous life experiences, be it our own or our horses. As a behaviourist, this has given me a new dimension to helping overcome difficulties, or problem behaviours. Rather than just understanding why and being able to suggest changes to help horse and owner, I am now able (and so is everyone else), to UNDO, or RELEASE the memory both mentally and physically, of a past trauma. This “release” part, is incredibly healing for our horse, and allows us to learn new things together without the usual underlying problems, without the mystifying “what am I doing wrong”, or “why will my horse not do this thing”. I know of no other who teaches this amazingly empowering way to be with horses, for me it is The School of Horsemanship Life Skills.
    Caroline ~ Portugal

    • Jenny 08/24/2013, 6:25 am Reply

      Thanks Caroline! That is always my aim – empowered people on empowered horses. And being able to help our horse to release even chronic stress and tension – that’s a game changer hey?

  6. Jan 08/23/2013, 9:32 am Reply

    Well other students, I do not mind whether I am on the FastTrack or the SlowTrack, as long as I am on JENNY’S Track, that’s all I can say. I can assuredly tell you, that I have learned more about the way I want to be with my horses in about 18 months with Jenny than I ever did in the previous 10 years, and working with people on site at that . . . this was all online, except for the excitement of one half day visit with Jenny (where it was obvious to see she actually LIVES what she teaches). I knew where I wanted to be, (and it was NOT using the myriad of horse training styles I had sourced over those previous many years) was on the right path, but didn’t quite know how to put it all together and how to get there, til Jenny showed me. I still had a lot of fear (though I have beautiful caretaker horses as Jenny would call them) physical issues (spinal fusion many years ago, and more recently two knee replacements) as well as the ‘gift’ of age (hhhmmm sometimes does not feel much of a gift when you feel stiff and sore!) Jenny has been able to guide me through all of these things, including the physical issues to make me the best ‘me’ I can be at this stage of my life, the support is phenomenal, the financial investment is worth every cent and is actually so much more value for money than anything I have ever done before. Meeting like minded people, who will ‘walk a mile with you’ has been such a joy as well. My final point is this, you likely have heard the saying ‘it is better to teach someone to fish, than to give them fish to eat, because then they can sustain themselves’ (well, it goes something like that anyway!) and THAT is what Jenny does – teaches us to be self supporting, but the helping hand is always available as required. I cannot speak highly enough of Jenny either as a person or a teacher. Should anyone wish to ask me any other questions that I have not touched on here, I would be happy for Jenny to put you in touch with me.
    Jan Dodds, Adelaide, Australia

    • Jenny 08/23/2013, 10:33 am Reply

      Wow that sure is a lovely testimonial Jan and first cab off the rank! Thanks!

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