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They say “You can’t teach feel” and yet it is the essence of good horsemanship

I cried when I read this article that Corey from New Zealand has written for my blog.  I have known for ages that what I am teaching is the all elusive “feel” that the great riders and great horsemen and women have with their horses.   But such a passionate plea that Corey is making, is a validation that brought me to tears.   Corey has been participating in the online lesson course Through the Grace of Your Horse, which gets exactly the same horse lessons as the From Your Horse’s Heart course,  but is a deeply spiritual course – deliberately applying the horse lessons to the rest of our lives.

“YOU CAN’T TEACH ‘FEEL.’”  How many times have I heard that in clinics/lessons, or read that from some of the most renowned, well published great horsemen over the decades.

Well they’re utterly and completely WRONG.   THEY can’t teach it.  But Jenny can.

I’ve been a participant in Jenny’s online course, Through The Grace Of The Horse for seven months, and now that we’re approaching the end of this miracle-packed series, the lessons are revealing even bigger and more dramatic breakthroughs than ever before. Looking back, this gradual build-up to more and more mind boggling “AH HAAAAAA’s” has really been Jenny’s purposeful, methodical way of bringing us to a point where suddenly her Lesson 45 arrived to my computer.

After a few days of having to read, think, re-read, re-think, read, quiet mind it, read, visualize it and re-read it again, an avalanche of understanding swept over me and practically knocked me off my chair when I finally realized that, because of everything she’d taught us up to this point, and making SURE that we “got it”, she was able to give us Lesson 45 which is nothing less than explaining and TEACHING us that ever elusive, high on an unreachable pedestal unless “you were born with it”, FEEL.

I am NOT exaggerating. I am NOT describing a uniquely personal revelation: just ask the 23 other members in our online course.  This is NOT a paid political announcement.

If you want to LEARN “feel” and LEARN how to open your heart to reveal all the skills you have inside you to eventually be on a par with all the great horsemen and so-called horse whisperers, there is no other way that I am aware of to do that, to LEARN that, than by taking one of Jenny’s meticulously, brilliantly constructed online courses.

Tell every horse person you know.  Do it for the grace of the horse.

Corey from New Zealand



  1. Kathy Marx 09/17/2012, 4:15 pm Reply

    I have recently established Equine Assisted Therapy programs called “Arobridge- Equine First” and I have done the 6 keys to success which have been so easy to implement and explain to anyone, and most of all My horses(5) -My horse family would Feeeeel that connection- heart to heart “From your horses heart- Deeper than trust. Deeper than connection.Deeper than confident…that deep bond through routine handling and riding, to solve problems”. I “know” this is what we would just love to a part of…Spreading this around the world and giving back to these special and very patient beings.

    • Jenny 09/17/2012, 6:46 pm Reply

      Go get ’em Kathy! And healing with horses is a beautiful thing to be a part of, hey? It really makes you realise just what amazing, thinking beings horses are when you do that sort of work.

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