Jenny Pearce

Zen Connection with Horses by Jenny Pearce

Book Zen Connection with HorsesThis  book and audio set (hard copy and digital) will take you into the world of a world-class horse man or woman.

Do you want you and your horse to be confident and safe? Do you want to have fun and enjoy ‘the ride’, no matter what that means for you?

This book and audio lessons will start you on a journey to a deep and profound connectedness with your horse that will bring confidence, safety and joy to both of you. What you will learn relates equally well to all styles of horsemanship and riding.

The book comes in a hold in your hands, paper and ink book and a CD of the audio lessons with Australian and international postage options, or as an e-book with downloadable audio lessons.  There is more information about the book below.

As usual, this book comes with my “Love this book or get your money back” Guarantee.
For the printed version plus CD set

For buyers in Australia $35.00 plus $5.50 postage

For buyers outside Australia $35.00 plus $7.00 postage


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More about Zen Connection with Horses

Do you sometimes think your horse is trying to tell you something? How often have you wished that they could? How much safer do you reckon you would feel if you could understand your horse better? Wouldn’t knowing what your horse is trying to tell you, wouldn’t knowing what they are thinking, be the most amazing start for anything that you do with your horse?

The great horsemen and women, the great riders all have this elusive something that is called ‘feel’. I’ve heard it said that good ‘feel’ for your horse can’t be learned – that you either have it or you don’t have it.  I’m happy to be able to tell you that ‘they’ are wrong.

By the time you have worked your way through this book and audio lesson set…

+ Through the wonderful connection with your horse that gets deeper and deeper the more you practice it, you’ll understand what ‘Feel’ is and you’ll start to get a handle on how you yourself uniquely experience it.  I’ve seen beginners develop a connection and a ‘Feel’ in five days that seriously advanced riders would envy.

+ You and your horse will have  increased the confidence you have in each other and know how to keep it. You’ll understand how and why even great riders can lose their nerve and how you can avoid this happening to you plus how to get it back if it does.

+ You will understand that you are encouraged not only to make yourself safe, but you’ll know how to FEEL safe too – and you’ll know what to do to keep it.

+ You’ll have a simple process to help your horse release old traumas so that they can be confident and feel safe – so that they can help you to be confident and safe.

The audio lessons that come with the book are designed to download onto your MP3 player and take out into the paddock or field, stable or barn where they are most useful to you. Step by step the lessons will simply and clearly take you to a conscious mind connection with your horse.

Anyone who prefers the written version of the audio, just email me at – although I must say, you will miss Deva Premal’s stunning voice and it’s not quite the same experience.