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The Horse Wisdom messages

This beautiful photo of Tilly and Sandra Hagan, one time student and now one of my much loved staff members and mentors, is by Jo Thieme Photography.

It turns out that to be REALLY good with horses it takes a willingness to explore doing things differently. When you realize how good you can be with horses and life itself when you're willing to explore doing things differently, it will blow your mind too.

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Decades ago, I spat the dummy. Literally plucked an imaginary dummy out of my mouth (that's a pacifier to you Americans), threw it on the ground and stamped on it. Anyone watching would have had me locked up. I was sooo over struggling. I was sooo over feeling like I was not good enough and I was sick of doing things the hard way.

All this beautiful heart centered work that cuts through to the heart of brilliant horsemanship - so fast - is the result of that dummy spit.

Our free seminar topics and podcasts are woven around happiness, healing and horses. It uses our trademark heart centered, experiential learning, which is the key to catapulting your skills and knowhow AND feeling good at the same time.

The Dummy Spit Anti-struggling Revolution is where you can get the info and register to get the connection details for the seminars and the podcasts and a bunch of other "check us out" freebies at the same time.

We can be inspired by others, but when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan in our own lives, mere inspiration goes out the window and we find ourselves stressed and struggling again.


When the Truth comes welling up from the INSIDE of us, that’s when it’s a foundation for life no matter what’s going on around us. This book is an experience of gaining the “all the way to your bones” Truth FOR YOURSELF about life, loving, healing, our connection with others, conflict resolution and more.

This is the world's first on-line book. Page by page as you click through as fast or slow as you like, it's a delivery system for a steadily building EXPERIENCE of inner peace, healing, happiness and joyful creation over 130 individual pages.

The EXPERIENCE of this book is the end of depression and anxiety. The EXPERIENCE of this book is to create or change just about anything that you care about - big or small - and unlock your joy at the same time.

You can buy that book / experience for only $25.00.

You'll find over 10 years of articles about horse behavior problems, health, training, free lessons, the impact of the horse / human relationship, student spotlights, testimonials and the kind of healing that can happen when we approach our bodies in a whole'istic way.
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