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This beautiful photo of Tilly and Sandra Hagan, one time student and now one of my much loved staff members and mentors, is by Jo Thieme Photography.

It turns out that to be REALLY good with horses it takes a willingness to explore doing things differently. When you realize how good you can be with horses and life itself when you're willing to explore doing things differently, it will blow your mind too.

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Topics are woven around happiness, healing and horses, using our trademark heart centered, experiential learning. The Dummy Spit Anti-struggling revolution is where you can get the info and register to get the connection details for the seminars.

This is the world's first on-line book. Page by page as you click through as fast or slow as you like, it's a delivery system for a steadily building EXPERIENCE of inner peace, healing, happiness and joyful creation over 130 individual pages.

The EXPERIENCE of this book is the end of depression and anxiety. The EXPERIENCE of this book is to create or change just about anything that you care about - big or small - and unlock your joy at the same time.

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You'll find over 10 years of articles about horse behavior problems, health, training, free lessons, the impact of the horse / human relationship, student spotlights, testimonials and the kind of healing that can happen when we approach our bodies in a whole'istic way.
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