Jenny Pearce

21 Days to a Quiet Mind – Horse meditations with a practical difference

Photo by Minna Kulmala


A Quiet Mind is the foundation key behind superb Feel, perfect timing, clear thinking, calmness, peacefulness and confidence. It’s the foundation key behind excellent riding, empathetic groundwork and problem solving, so that your horse can be happy and comfortable with everything that you do.

– Jenny Pearce

Effortlessly better horsemanship

Most people don’t do brilliant Feel for their horse, because they’ve been trying to copy their teacher.  The problem with that is, that everyone is unique, so copying our teacher is a recipe for failure. 

We have to quieten our mind and go inwards to find the kind of Feel that all the great horsemen and women have and it’s Feel that is the foundation of what makes these people great with their horses.

This Quiet Mind program  is an excellent start to the kind of Feel that the great horse people have and it’s been transforming lives even with experienced riders.

Making things effortless AND gentle is a trademark of Jenny’s work and 21 days is the length of time for developing a new habit that sticks with you, that creates real transformation.

Something magical happens when we have a Quiet Mind

  Your horse immediately feels safer, as they know they are being listened to.  They get a whole new level of confidence in you and you start to see the validation from your horse about that confidence in their behavior.

What Our Students are Saying

My Inbox has been full of stories that brought me to tears of happiness.  You can check out some of the testimonials here.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been able to meditate – this is very different

I didn’t used to be able to quieten my mind easily, until I started working like this with my horse.  I gradually went from where my mind was just a little quieter than before, deeper and deeper, until eventually I was able to find a deep connection with my horse and an expanded intuition that flows with what I need to know when I’m working with a horse and with people now too.  That is an amazing feeling.

This program is bringing you light meditation style experiences, to a deeper and stronger connection with your horse and then expanding that into practical applications of that deeper connection.  Read the testimonials to hear what others raved about.

What you get in the 21 Days to a Quiet Mind program

  Each day you’ll receive a link in your email, with a lesson that gently expands your Quiet Mind and connection with your horse deeper and deeper.  There’s practical horse lessons to go with them, that anchors your Quiet Mind more and more into your way of being with your horse.

♦  At the end of your 21 Days, you’ll get a summary page so you can easily revisit the entire program whenever and however you like.

  This is a well supported program – I am just an email away and will personally respond to any questions you may have during your 21 Days to a Quiet Mind (and I just LOVE to hear about all the wonderful things that happen along the way. 🙂 )

  As with all our programs, you also get my personal “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

If you’re tired of being told that you need to bully your horse to get results, then you and your horse are going to LOVE this gentle little program that transforms lives.  Enjoy your new level of horsemanship in just 21 days, for just $47.00.