Jenny Pearce

21 Days to a Quiet Mind – Horse Meditations

Photo by Minna Kulmala


A Quiet Mind is the foundation key behind superb Feel, perfect timing, clear thinking, calmness and confidence. It’s the foundation key behind excellent riding, empathetic groundwork and problem solving, so that your horse can be happy and comfortable with everything that you do.

– Jenny Pearce

Effortlessly better horsemanship

Making things effortless AND gentle, is a trademark of Jenny’s work and because a Quiet Mind is such an important part of our approach to horsemanship and to life, we’ve brought you 21 Days to a Quiet Mind as a PRACTICAL step by step way to help you develop and/or deepen your Quiet Mind AND your horsemanship, effortlessly.

Something magical happens when we have a Quiet Mind

A Quiet Mind is a path to extraordinary things:

  Your horse understands you better, has more clarity about what you want, feels safer, knows they are being listened to and is more willing to trust you – they get a whole new level of confidence.

  Our horsemanship improves in leaps and bounds. Find a deeper connection and Feel with your horse and the beautiful practical results that will come from that deeper connection and confidence in each other.

  Life changes. This program brings you a simple and powerful way for you and your to horse escalate each other into feeling better and better. Start with peacefulness and work your way up to joyfulness.

What Our Students are Saying

Jenny’s Inbox has been full of stories that brought her tears of happiness and this feedback has come from a variety of students – some with no experience with a Quiet Mind and our gentle horsemanship work here, right through to people who have years of experience in Jenny’s approach.

You can check out some of the wonderful testimonials here.

What you get in the 21 Days to a Quiet Mind program

  There are 7 groups of meditations and horse exercises, each day gently expanding your Quiet Mind further.  Each group of three days contains:

Day 1 – A main meditation that can be done in the comfort of your home, with the stunning music of Deva Premal following the spoken meditation

Day 2 – Do this shorter version of the meditation in the presence of your horse

Day 3 – A practical horse exercise that expands the effect of the Quiet Mind and anchors it into your normal state of being, so that it becomes increasingly effortless

  For 21 days you receive a link to each day’s lesson right in your Inbox.  You can slow down and repeat days at your leisure.

♦  At the end of your 21 Days, you get access to the 21 Days to a Quiet Mind program summary so you can easily revisit the entire program whenever and however you like.

  This is a well supported program – Jenny is just an email away and will personally respond to any questions you may have during your 21 Days to a Quiet Mind (and she just LOVES to hear about all the wonderful things that happen along the way. 🙂 )

  As with all our programs, you also get Jenny’s “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

If you’re tired of being told that you need to bully your horse to get results, then you and your horse are going to LOVE this gentle little program that transforms lives.  Enjoy your new level of horsemanship in just 21 days, for just $47.00.