Jenny Pearce

aaa Australian alternative therapists specialising in horses and riders

Angela Anderson   Australia

Location:  I conduct most of my sessions over the phone or via skype so location is not a limitation.

Phone: 03 9710 1741

Mobile: 0424 027 810


Click here for Angela’s website

About Angela:   I work mainly with the relationships between people and horses, specialising on the people side of the relationship especially where horses surrogate the dis-eases or mirror behaviours of the person, although I find the most work is on the people issues of the animal issue.

As horses are essentially looking for good leadership, I specialise in assisting people to develop their confidence, leadership and partnership skills.


Anna Hall       Australia

Location:  Western Australia

About Anna:  Read about how Anna uses Rider Biomechanics and Bodytalk for horses and riders on this link.


Belinda Atkinson   Belinda’s Natural Animal Therapies AUSTRALIA

Location:  Tasmania – Mobile Animal Clinic – Home Visits in Tasmania, Phone consults Australia Wide.


Phone: 03 6395 6165 or mobile 0437 607 419

What Belinda does:  Animal Homeopath & Equine Touch Practitioner   Diploma of Animal Homeopathy, Anatomy & Physiology certificate, Equine Touch practitioner.   Belinda is passionate about helping animals returning to good health – naturally. She has had some amazing results with Homeopathy & the Equine Touch.  Belinda has had great results for horses with laminitis. She specialises in horses, as she runs her own horse stud breeding Welsh Cobs & Miniature Equines. Natural products also for sale.

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Cindy Jacobs Free Rein Australia

Location: Torquay, Victoria

What Cindy does: facilitates programs for human development, learning and healing – with horses as teachers and healers.

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Crissea Grovenor            Australia

Location:  Australia NSW Windsor,Wilberforce, Rossmore, Camden, Bowral, Berrima, Goulburn


Phone: 0402812920

Modalities:  CranioSacral Balancing; The Masterson Method; Interactive Bodywork


  • Certified in Equine Myofunctional Therapy
  • Certified in CranioSacral Therapy
  • Certified in The Masterson Method.
  • Certified in Canine Massage Therapy.
  • Have completed numerous workshops
  • In Tellington Ttouch, Equine Touch, Smart Bowen,
  • SENSE Method,  Myofascial Release, Photonic Light Therapy
  • And Reiki 1.


Crystal Greenwood     Australia

Location:  Southwest, Pilbara and Goldfields Western Australia

Phone:  0420 982 535 or 0458 001 362


Clíck here for Crystals website

About Crystal:  I provide a variety of holistic horse care services including barefoot trimming, acupuncture, massage, fitness assessments, aromatherapy, acupressure and more! I also supply hard to find products (Either the 1st or 2nd in WA or Australia!) such as hoof boots, all natural supplements, natural hoof care, draper therapies and more!


Dennis Reddon     Australia

Located in Victoria and travels on rotatation through N.S.W., Tasmania and South Australia

Phone:  0437 478817


About Dennis:  Dennis is a horse masseur and judging by the results that I saw at the three day 240 km endurance/marathon ride, a pretty good one.  On some of the big rides like The Quilty, he can be doing 60 horses at the end of each leg of the ride, to prepare them for the next.   Dennis is not much of one for technology and he’s a bit of an old fashioned kind of a bloke who wouldn’t do much to blow his own trumpet,  so I said I would do his listing for him.  He calls himself a horse chiropractor on his business card, but as he said to me “You can’t move the bones”, so it’s not like human chiropractic.  Dennis has loved horses all his life and has been doing this work for 35 years.  He works extensively on all kinds of horses including the big performance horses, thoroughbred race horses, trotters and endurance horses.


Equine Breathing      World wide

Click here for Equine Breathings website .

Equine Breathing is a new holistic method that enables horse owners to help their horse recover from chronic ailments (such as Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, COPD where the horse has difficulty breathing) and behavioural problems (such as headshaking), and to increase fitness and performance. Anyone can do Equine Breathing using free instructions available on Clare’s website above.  It is soothing and relaxing and horses enjoy it.

If a horse has a chronic ailment or behavioural problem, then it will be over breathing (breathing too big a volume of air). Over breathing has a direct and damaging effect on the physiology and can therefore eventually manifest in symptoms.

Equine Breathing is not a veterinary technique or even a therapy, it is simply a training method that owners can use to bring their horse’s breathing back towards normal. As the horse’s breathing improves, the physiology recovers and symptoms reduce.

Click here for a short introductory video about Equine Breathing    The website is full of info including case studies, how it works, how to help your horse, how to help yourself etc. Clare of Equine Breathing is always happy to hear from you and answer questions by email.


Heidi Billings    Australia   SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers

Location:  Australia and distribute worldwide.


Click here for Heidi’s website

Phone  1800 067 110 5.

What Heidi does:   The SpectraVET™ Therapeutic Lasers offer reliable, effective and affordable treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions commonly suffered by performance animals and pets alike. Designed for portable operation, SpectraVET Laser Systems are lightweight and simple to operate, yet rugged and powerful enough for the most demanding user.   SpectraVET offers a wide range of single-laser and multi-laser probes, each designed specifically for a particular application, such as high-power, large multi-diode probes for horses and other large animals, and lower-powered, smaller-sized probes for greyhounds, and other dogs and small animals.


Hetty Tapper – Chakra Park Kingdom Healing Australia

Location: Gunning, Crookwell, Goulburn, Canberra, Queanbeyan , Bungandore, Yass areas


Click here to go to Hetty’s website and learn more about what she does.

Phone: 0410 314 355 – 02 4845 1705

About Hetty and Chakra Park: I am a Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Energy Healer. I utilise Red Light, Acupressure, Massage, Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils, Essences, Tissue Salts, Meridian and Chakra Cleaning and Balancing in my work. I am continually learning and seeking out information to assist me and my patients with my work as a healer. I also make and sell (retail and wholesale) herbal creams to assist with healing Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey and Manuka.

Click here to look at Hetty’s extended listing for more about what she does and what she is passionate about.


Holly Rutter     Australia      Holly’s Stables

What Holly does: She creates natural products for horses made from essential oils.

Phone:   08 9301 5188 / 0415 151 426


Click here for Holly’s website    and see her facebook page  HollysStables


Jane McLaughlin    Australia

Location:  Tonimbuk in Gippsland

Phone:  0408 945711

About Jane:  Jane is a qualified hypnotherapist (yes,  hypno… therapist and ego state therapist. She is also a dedicated endurance competitor, trainer and owner. She has competed nationally and internationally including bronze international rider representing Australia in the 2001 Pan American Endurance Championship at Vermont USA.

What Jane does:  Do you want to be clear, confident and connected with your horses? Do you want to feel alive and joyful around your horses? Do you want to develop your skills and horsemanship to a higher level?

We all want to achieve a safe and happy relationship with our horse. If the reality of your experience around horses isn’t the experience you want to achieve consistently, then hypnotherapy and ego state therapy are wonderful tools to achieve your goals.

These therapies are a focussed, yet gentle, means to identify and release your limiting beliefs and emotions and to find the resources within yourself to achieve your goals.  Her approach first identifies the cause of your angst eg fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, conflict. She then guides you through the release of those unhelpful emotions or beliefs. Finally, you identify and develop your own internal resources. This final step is very important to ensure you are in the right frame of mind at the right time.

It is recommended that you are with your horse during a session.

Jenny: Good luck with your career Jane, from my personal experience in a session with you,  you deserve every success!


Jenny Pearce          Australia    That’s me!

Location:  Rokeby Victoria (near Warragul) and I also work by distance all over the world.

Modalities:   I am an advanced kinesiologist, reiki master & Bowen muscle therapist.  I do homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, Bach remedies, acupressure, hormone balancing, food, vitamin & mineral testing and balancing, allergy testing, chakra balancing, accident and fright imprint clearing, genetic blueprinting (clearing genetic pre-dispositions) emotional defusions, emotional  re- programming and the healing opportunity in the deep and meaningful relationship work with your horse – SPECIALLY the healing opportunity that is contained in the deep and meaningful relationship with your horse.

I have developed a method of healing for riders themselves to release many of their horses’ physical problems themselves – while they work with the horse.   This is particularly beautiful work and you can start to learn about it in the free lesson set The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, register at the big yellow box at the top of this page.

I often do my own horses’ feet and can test up around feet problems and lameness.

I work by distance or in person, on the big picture of horse and rider healing from ALL kinds of problems from crook backs –  to cancer  – to horses who won’t get on the float.  I am passionate about empowering people and horses to help themselves emotionally and with the amazing physical healing that can come from happiness.

I am passionate about the healing ability in self carriage in horses (so easy when you know how) and the same deep healing that happens in good posture in people.   I specialise in finding the things that are stopping our posture from being effortlessly powerful.  Posture sounds like such a dry subject – but it transforms people’s lives and pain.  Click here to have a look at this blog to see what I mean.

I specialise in the horse human relationship, getting rid of fright imprints from falls and other accidents and emergency work such as colic attacks or accidents.

About Jenny:  I started my journey in this field 20 years ago and have developed much of the work that I do, which is now used all around the world successfully.

Phone  Australia 03 56110558 0r 0417 863394 I don’t mind getting woken up for life and death emergencies – but outside of that I would appreciate your attention to the time zone differences!! Click here for a time zone converter.


Website:  Click here for jenny’s home page


Jessica Blackwell Lloyd        Australia

Location:  Nationwide


Phone:   0407 850 033

About Jessica:   I am a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist & Equine Bodyworker also certified in Myofascial Release and Red Light Therapy.  I am passionate about making sure horses are as pain free as possible, and that owners are aware of treatments for preventative pain.  With a BSc, I draw on a lot of physiotherapy using cold lasers, red light, electrotherapy, and ultrasound in my treatments.  Having been a therapist for many years I am now passionate about teaching others equine sports massage for their horse, and now run an IICT approved Certificate in Equine Sports Massage Australia wide.

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Julie Abrahams        Australia

Location: Forster, my mobile service covers the Mid North Coast region of NSW, Australia

Phone: 0404 470 571

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Modalities: Equine Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, specialising in Equine Reiki Training and Reiki Treatments for horse and rider

• Master Level Reiki Practitioner
• Dip Equine Energy Therapy,
• Dip Esoteric Science and Holistic Counselling,
• Dip Remedial Massage & Sports Therapy,
• Dip Dream Therapy, Analysis and Interpretation,
• Cert in Esoteric Healing

What Julie does:
I specialise in giving you the unique opportunity to learn how to deepen your relationship, build trust and enhance your spiritual connection with your horse through the ancient healing art of Reiki.

Inspirational and life changing, my courses offer a transformational healing journey with horses that are unique to the individual. Many participants say they’ve developed a better strategy for living happier, healthier lives and a closer bond with their horse as a result of learning how to reconnect with their inner self and the natural world through the practise of Reiki.

During our time together you’ll discover:
• how to reconnect with the natural world through the Japanese healing art of Reiki
• how to use this simple, yet powerful healing technique as a natural approach to improving and maintaining health and wellbeing for both you and your horse
• how to deepen your relationship with your horse by creating harmony and balance through mutual healing, meditation and spiritual connection.

Fully accredited courses are run throughout the year at the Clarendon Forest Retreat on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW. Nestled between the Manning Valley and Forster in the Kiwarrak State Forest, this stunning country property is set over 1000 secluded acres offering plenty of space to relax and enjoy the serenity of this magnificent property, it’s the perfect location for you to immerse yourself in a very unique and life changing experience.

About Julie

Julie has been practicing Reiki since 1993 with a special interest in promoting harmony, health and wellbeing for horses and their human companions.

As a qualified teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho, she offers fully accredited courses in Equine Reiki, with courses scheduled regularly throughout the year at the Clarendon Forest Retreat on the Mid North Coast and at various locations around Australia. You can read more about her courses here.

Jenny Pearce:  Hmmm I LOVE reiki…


Julie Cook     Australia

Location: the Southern Highlands of N.S.W. and Julie phone consults around the world

Julie is the  owner of Natures Farmacy ®  and a Human/Animal Naturopathic Herbalist


Click here for Julie’s extended information


Kelley Mills    is based in the USA but consistently works in Australia


Phone: USA 509-925-3991

About Kelley:  I am certified/qualified in Myofascial Release, Bio Energy Analysis, Craniosacral Work, Animal Talk, Animal Iridology, Bowen Therapy, Reiki Master, Feng Shui and certified teacher of Equine Acupressure. I specialize in teaching the Whole Horse Energy Work using modalities of choice for each individual horse/human connection. I teach and use Essential Oils, Color Therapy, Flower Essences, Energetic Remedies as well. My specialty is the riding connection between horse and rider on a true bio-mechanical level for the dance between horse and human energetically. I’ll send paragraph at a later date. thank you, Kelley


Lea Smart of Smart Bowen Therapy International College       Australia

Location: Victoria, Australia is where the College centre is located.  We offer training in all states of Australia and overseas in England, Canada and New Zealand at present.

Email :

Phone:  03 54292010   Mobile 0417174237

Click here to go to the Smart Bowen website

About Lea and Smart Bowen:  We run a training college that is nationally accredited in Bowen Therapy, providing human, equine and small animal programs.   Brian Smart my husband and I own and operate the college and engage instructors in various locations to facilitate the training along with ourselves.   I started life as a horse owner, and learned over time that I neither owned the horse nor did they own me, it was a relationship of mutual acceptance and companionship. However, as I had provided my companion with a lifestyle extraordinary to that which they had naturally evolved in, it was up to me to make sure that in every quarter that I gave them the best of what they required to function and live optimally. My journey began as an Animal Technician, which later evolved into a Senior Veterinary Nurse, and to this I added Veterinary Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Tissue Salts and so much more. I am currently completing an Adv. Dip in Naturopathy/Herbal Medicine, and studying at the same time Equine Herbal Medicine….the journey never really ends! With formal backgrounds in science I pertain to look outwardly at nature for the answers to health where possible and practical.

We are passionate about :  Equine welfare and health.   For me the health of the horse begins in the home, meaning that the people who chose to have horse/s as their animal companions become responsible for the health and welfare of that horse or horses on every level.    Being able to provide mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to their animal companions is paramount in the relationship between animal and man, especially when they take them from their natural environment and place them in domesticity.   We teach people how to maintain their own horses by using Bowen Therapy, but as a qualified therapist, my role is about educating people how to provide this on many levels.


Les Rees (Horsetail Herbs)  Australia

Location: Southern Tasmania, Local Home Visits, Phone/Email Consultations Australia

Phone: (03) 6348 8552            Mob: 0437 586 705


Click here for Les’s website

Education: BA, Dip Natural Med Modalities: Equine Naturopath specialising in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Red Light Therapy, Energetics & Trauma Rehabilitation.

About Les:  I’m passionate about herbal medicine and am constantly amazed by the positive results it has on horses. I’m often the last resort for new clients having been stung by huge veterinary bills for medicines that have proven unsuccessful, and have established a good client base on getting good results. I constantly research for new ideas and have developed several successful herbal mixes that cater for common problems which can be viewed from the Horsetail Herbs website. The Laminitis mix is the most popular and is now being recommended and used by bare foot trimmers & several rehabilitation centres throughout Australia. I’m currently working with several cancer cases and am beginning to see some promising results which will soon be available to view on my website. Apart from my work as a naturopath, I have rescued many victims of abuse and subsequent trauma, each of whom have taught me so much about horse psychology and given immense pleasure during their individual  journeys through rehabilitation.


Lisa Teniswood   Australia

Location:  Mornington Peninsula

Phone: 03 5989 2464 Mob: 0407 355 463

About Lisa:  I work with all types of animals and people. I make Homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences and Herbals and also have a Biofeedback Informational Medicine System that can analyse and balance for improved health etc.I have a Cert in Horse husbandry and pasture management from the early ’90s and been involved with horses most of my life since childhood. I have studied health and nutrition for 20 plus years and studied and worked successfully with Homeopathics and other Essences since the mid ’90s.

I am very passionate about health, nutrition and natural therapies. I believe these things have so much to offer in so many ways and should be the first choice in preventative care and in overcoming problems.


Madeleine Innocent    Australia

Two Legs and Four Homeopathic Health Health, Happiness and Homeopathy The Health Happiness Coach (Homeopathy)

Location: Clinic address: 131 Loton Road, Millendon, WA 6056, Australia

Phone: (08) 9296 0152

Skype twolegsandfour.

What Madeleine does: I  treat both people and all other animals, including horses. I only use homeopathy and diet as I find they are the most effective and take up all my spare time in furthering my education about them. I do clinic consultations, home visits and Skype consultations. madeleine does a regular e-zine that you can regoster for on her website.

Madeleine qualified as a professional homoeopath in the year 2000. She has been in full time practice ever since, treating both people and animals at her clinic, with home visits and using Skype for distance consultations. Homoeopathy is an energetic medicine which works by stimulating the immune system. This means, you won’t just see the resolution of the main problem you have. You will find other problems also disappear. Along with a quality, natural, species specific diet, homoeopathy can bring back harmony and health to any situation. Homoeopathy is effective when everyone else has given up! Safe, effective, energetic and economical, homoeopathy is the medicine of the future.

Click here for Madeleine’s website


Mandy Cooling   Australia

Location:   Tasmania in the Huon Valley (but I cover Southern Tasmania)

Phone: 03 6266 4771

Mobiloe: 0419 865 041


Click here for Mandy’s website  for horses and click here for Mandy’s website for riders. 

About Mandy:  I am a qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist (EMT cert) with The National College of Traditional Medicine in Victoria A member of SAENA (small animal equine naturopathic assoc) I have worked with and on horses for many years and have a passion for helping horses with massage and energy healing to improve their overall wellbeing. They give us so much, it is lovely to be able to return the favour!

For the rider: Reflexology, Indian head massage, energy healing.   Reflexology is a holistic way to assist the body to heal its self with massage to the feet or hands.  Indian head massage is a shoulder, neck and head massage to revitalise and energise the body. If the rider feels happy and relaxed so will the horse!


Marcia Helene Hewitt B. A. (Anthropology) UWA  Australia

Location:  Wanneroo – Perth


Modalities:  I have completed a thesis on Equine Healing in psychotherapy and am now giving guided rides in the pine forest for any age, as long as they can get on our horse, Flee, a thoroughbred. This forest is on Neaves Road in Wanneroo, Perth region. I can be contacted on facebook Marcia Helene Hewitt


Mary House    Healthy Horses Naturally  Australia

Location:  I work in South Australia in the Adelaide Hills, based at Houghton near Birdwood, I am prepared to travel as far as I am needed


Phone: 0407979954

Click here for Mary’s website.

About Mary:   I am an Equine Cranio-Sacral Therapist, qualilfied practioner with Maureen Rogers, pioneer of equine cranio-sacral therapy.   I am an Equine Myofunctional Therapist, qualified in 2003 with the National College of Traditional Medicine, Melbourne.  In 1997 I gained a Certificate in Horse Studies at TafeSA encompassing Horse Movement and Psychology, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy, Physiology and Health, these also being part of the level II teaching module requirements.   I also encompass the work of Jim Masterson, of The Masterson Method.    I am a Barefoot Trimmer, studied with various practioners including Equethy and The Barefoot Blacksmith.   I have been involved with horses for over 60 years I started riding at the age of 5.  I have realised that to have a happy horse, working with you –  not just for you –  is so important.  Balanced feet, lead to happy muscles, and a happy body.  When I started to study massage I quickly realised that sore feet cause most of the back issues, and so  another learning curve started to learn more about the biomechanics of the body and balance of the feet.


Natalie Smith    Australia

Location:   Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Hawkesbury, Northern Beaches

Phone: 041 111 3045


Click here for Natalie’s website 

About Natalie:  I have been a qualified Equine Body Worker (EBW) since 2004 and am a founding member of IEBWA (International Equine Body Workers Association).  I am also the NSW Co-ordinator for Equinology Inc Massage Courses.   I am based in NSW with many happy clients in the Hawkesbury, Hills and Northern Beaches of Sydney, through the Central Coast up into the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens area.  My wonderful clients include Grand Prix – Prelim Dressage Horses, 2-3 Star Eventers, Pony Clubbers, Cutting Horses, Endurance and the retired family member.

Education: 2003 – Introduction to Equine Massage with Catherine Bird 2004 – EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification – Debranne Patillo 2005 – EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification –Training Assistant to Debranne Patillo 2005 – EQ1100 Equinology Myofacial Release – Ruth Mitchell Golladay 2006 – EQ1200 Equinology Craniosacral Therapy – Gail Wetzler PT, EDO, BI-D 2007 – EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification –Training Assistant to Debranne Patillo 2007 – EQ700 Principles of Saddle Fitting and Shoeing Dynamics – Dr Kerry Ridgeway DVM 2007 – EQ103 Equinology Advanced Equine Massage Techniques – Debranne Patillo 2008 – EQ300 Equinology Equine Biomechanices – Dr Barb Crabb DVM 2009 – EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Training Assistant to Debranne Patillo 2009 – EQ103 Equinology Advanced Equine Massage Techniques – Debranne Patillo –  Training Assistant to Debranne Patillo 2011 – Barefoot Blacksmith Introduction to Barefoot Trimming – Andrew Bowe 2011 –  Equine Dissection Course – Sharon May Davis 2012 – EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Training Assistant to Debranne Patillo

Associations: Founding Professional Member “International Equine Body Workers Association Australasia” Positions held – Membership Co-ordinator, Chairperson and Secretary Equestrian Australia Member


Robyn Larson-Shelton    Australia

Location:   Canberra and surrounding NSW including the Southern Highlands, Yass and Cooma.


Phone:  0431 387 787

Click here for Robyn’s website 

What Robyn does:  Specific Soft Tissue Therapies for Performance and Health Restoring Your Horse to Their Full Potential

JENT 1 Red Light Therapy Equine Body Worker Myofascial Release Bowen Therapy Cranio Sacral Therapy Basic Saddle Fit

I am interested in healing the whole horse, not just fixing a sore back or leg, I believe in a tailored approach that is complimentary to any veterinary approach. Horse like me, they always have, so I’m happy to work with even the most ‘shy’ or ‘difficult’ character in an effort to bring them to a comfortable and healthy state.

Jenny:   From my first hand experience, Robyn Larson-Shelton is one seriously talented and knowledeable lady and comes with my highest personal recommendation if you are lucky enough to live in her area.


Romana Dolinsky     Australia

Location:  Adelaide, South Australia


Phone: 0404 177 206

What Romana does: She is currently studying to become an Equine Podiotherapist, trimming horse’ feet according to their physiological needs.  “I help horses with laminitis and advise on diets and boots as well as other syndromes and hoof capsule problems.”


Serrin Tabart – Harmonizing Horses –  Australia

Location:  I offer a mobile service in the Bundaberg & Wide Bay Region, and several times a year I am in the Warrnambool and South West Victoria region. I offer distance healing as well.


Phone:  61 407 815805

What Serrin does:

I am qualified in Equine aromahealing, I will be qualified in Equine Reiki at the end of March, I am studying Equine Photonics (due to complete April) and Sports Massage(due to complete this year).

I grew up with horses, riding, breeding, and training them. My journey took me away from horses, but I have never lost my passion to work with horses. Now I am following my passion for horses and loving everything I am doing with horse and rider. The more I learn the more passionate I am to pursue this, and share my knowledge.

So how can Harmonizing Horses help you and your horse? Through the use of ancient wisdom and modern holistic techniques, I work with both rider and horse to strengthen the bond, reduce stress & anxiety, and improve the balance and harmony. I help owners/riders and horses to find a true, authentic connection.


Shauleen Rooney   Australia          Gippsland Performance Horse Therapies

Location:  Gippsland


Phone:  0407955267

Modalities:  Equine sport therapist : specializing in relaxation, deep tissue, sports therapy for horses. Looking at the whole horse including saddle fit, hoof care.   Graduated from the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

About Shauleen:  My mission is to keep performance horses to keep performing.  I want to be part of your horses health care team providing the best care possible to keep them healthy and happy.     Currently I have started my Diploma which will provide my clients with more assistance in Rehabilitation, remedial massage, nutrition, Holistic therapies, Biomechanics and Alternative therapies.    I am passionate about caring and helping you with your horse and will help in any way I can.


Sietske Nobel     Equi Balance  Australia

Location: Western Australia

Phone: 0429139655

Click here for Sietske’s website  

Holistic Body Work & Professional Hoof care

About Sietske:  Qualified Bowen Therapist for Horses and Small Animals (member BTFA) Qualified Equine Body Worker (member IEBWA) Qualified Red Light Therapist.  Professional Hoof Care Barefoot Trimming.  Using other modalities: ortho bionomy, aroma therapay, nutrition.


Sophie Milne   SM Hoofcare   Australia

Location: located in Sydney, working around Sydney Hills and Hawkesbury and up the Central Coast.

Barefoot trimmer – I trained at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy.


Phone  is 0421 426 119.

Facebook page which is called SM Hoofcare where I post updates on where I’m going to be working.

Click here for her website.


Susan Castel    Australia

Location:  Mount Barker South Australia –  all around Adelaide Hills and South of Adelaide

Phone: 0427805103


About Susan:  I hold a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapist since 2005 Qualifications in: Remedial Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy.   I have completed Equine Myofunctional Therapy certificate in 2003 but have not joined their society. I completed an Associate Diploma in Applied Science(Horse Husbandry) at Uni SA in 1991/2, including:   Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Horse Health, Performance and Fitness Training   This year I am studying accupressure.   I have studied herbal remedies, and am will refer clients on to qualified practitioners if I feel it is needed.   I am really keen to help people and horses through massage therapy when they are struggling with a physical or emotional issue.



Location:  NSW Central Coast – a mobile service to Northern Beaches, Hawkesbury, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Taree.

The Natural Therapies services provided :    *   Advanced Level Bowen Therapy Technique    *   Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT)    *    Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT)    *    Animal Connection and Communication – facilitation of a therapeutic connection with animals    *    Equine Assisted Personal Growth – a restorative opportunity that is encompassed in the healing connection with a horse.    *    Reiki Therapy    *    Australian Bush Flower Essences    *    Lifestyle Transformation and Development Workshops – shifting the direction of your focus and perspective for a happier and healthier life    *    Women’s Support Groups    *    Intuitive Guidance

Click here for Virginia’s website

Email :

Mobile : 0414 696355

About Virginia :  “There is a place just north of Sydney where all creatures great and small discover where they may receive a treatment of holistic and natural therapies.   This healing sanctuary provides therapies for both humans and animals.”

I consider myself very blessed to work with all types of animals and people in my chosen vocation.

I am extremely passionate about, and dedicated to assisting my clients, whether they are two legged or four, to achieve health, wellness and balance.   However, I must admit that I have always been more passionate when working with animals, horses especially.

Becoming very involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation with my husband, I discovered relatively early in my career that I never considered myself owning my animal family, but instead I became their guardian and protector; so a relationship of strong mutual acceptance, love and friendship quickly developed.

Starting my life as a dedicated animal lover, and then developing my skills in providing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing ­­­­is a fundamental part of my relationships with my client and the journey never really ends!

Following my extensive training over the years in EMRT/CCMRT through the Equus College of Learning and Research, I have discovered my particular niche in not only providing a remedial and therapeutic service, I am also able to connect with these amazing creatures.

And so my practitioner journey continues and develops when introducing and facilitating a connection with animals with the intention of discovering a healing pattern within the human.  See Virginia’s website above for more details.


Waldina Hilton     Australia

Location:  Covering the NE of Victoria & Southern NSW


Phone: 0428 223 458

Modalities:  Diploma in Specialised Bowen therapy and starting the masters in a couple of weeks, Bowen/ Muscle release therapy for cats, canines, humans and equine  and Remedial massage therapist.