Jenny Pearce

aaa U.S.A. list of alternative therapists who specialise in horses and riders

Alyson Chandler    USA

Location: Minnesota will travel

Phone: 612-325-0940


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About Alyson:  I am an intuitive holistic healer, educator, and communicator. My methodology is to rehabilitate, redesign and realign the energetic bodies to achieve the desired results. During a session I use various natural healing elements and healing techniques I have been trained in.  This work supports chronic and new injuries, behavior changes, and trauma experiences. Sessions are great for routine preventive, maintenance, and performance concerns.  I work with horses, cats, and dogs and people ! Newly launched product-Animal Neckware with healing stones you can see on my website.


Anna Twinney  USA

Location:  Golden, Colorado – although Anna does clinics all over the world.

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Betty M. Hill          USA

Location:  Texas (San Antonio area)


Phone:  (830) 885-7080

Modalities:      I have attained Level III Reiki Master/Teacher  and I am in the process of learning Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure

About Betty:  Reiki has become an all-consuming practice in my life and it has been spiritually redefining for me.  I quickly realized that the more I learn, the less I know.  My energy toward others has noticeably “shifted” and I have found a great peace and acceptance of my life’s path.  While I love to give Reiki treatments to humans and have been amazed with the results, the energy work that I have done with animals has been even more amazing.  Their acceptance and reactions are so incredibly pure …

My intentions are to learn as much as possible and heighten my energy awareness so that I may be of greater service to others.


Bill Turner       USA

Location:  Sisters, OR, which is located at the eastern base of the Cascade Mountain Range.


Phone:  541-410-3550

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About Bill:    I have been doing healing work on horse for 15 years. I worked on Eventing and Dressage horses for five years and then went full time with top clients in the National Cutting Horse Association. After working for three years with Phil Rapp, the number one most winning trainer in the history of the NCHA, I was part of the team that helped his incredible mare “Don’t Look Twice” win the 2011 Horse of the Year Award in the NCHA. My clients have earned over 2.6 million dollars in earnings. I am certified in four different healing art modalities and have also worked on people for 20 years. I now work primarily in the Central Oregon area and I do long distance healing on a global basis. Please review my website and feel free to contact me for a consultation on how I can be of service to you.


Cindy Rackley    USA

Location:  central coast of California.  Cindy also works with People, Animals and Organizations, in the US, Canada and Europe.


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About Cindy:  and I am an Intuitive/Psychic ~ offering readings for people and animals, , I a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Coach and a Healer.  My work incorporates many forms of Energy Medicine, applied Kinesiology, Vibrational Medicine (homeopathy and flower essences), and Therapeutic Essential Oils.

I offer private  Readings (people and animals),  Intuitive Coaching, Classes and Healing Sessions.   I  teach classes in  Reiki,  Animal Communication,, Energy Awareness/ in Leadership, and  Energy & Vibrational  Medicine Courses .

My mission is to enhance the healing potential for people and animals through communication,  energy and vibrational medicine, nutrition, and viewing the whole picture, not just the problem.   I love empowering and teaching people to trust and utilize their own intuition and guidance, through classes, readings and various techniques..

At March 2013, I am in the process of opening an Integrative Therapy and Educational Center, for both People and Animals, in the central coast of California.


Darcey Deming – USA

Location:  Southern AZ but works world wide

What Darcey does: Sounds fascinating – she rehabilitates upper level dressage horses, is a shaman & animal communicator and sells detoxifying products for people and horses

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Donna M Clark MMCP   USA

Location: Southern Oregon


Phone: 541-846-0376

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About Donna:   I am  Masterson Method Certified Pratitioner:  This work is unique in that it provides precise osteopathic joint release in the key junctions of the horse’s body that most affect performance. Utilizing the horse’s immediate response to this work provides the intel for how the work proceeds and the ensuing benefits.  As our horses are expected to fulfill their athletic potential, the Masterson Method TM, enables top performance in all disciplines and at all levels of riding.

Donna added… I connect at the heart with horses.  With my hands and breath, I listen.  I touch the horse all over and he/she tells me where they are restricted and feeling tension.  I facilitate the horse’s release of that tension.  Usually, by the time a horse shows up lame, they have been hurting for awhile (unless it is an acute injury).  As you know, horses are very protective so there is a big element of trust.  I work very slowly and lightly, utilizing the Bladder Meridian as a guide for my hands and In Balance Horse Aromatherapy to attain the release of endorphins before proceeding.


Equine Breathing      World wide

Click here for Equine Breathings website .

Equine Breathing is a new holistic method that enables horse owners to help their horse recover from chronic ailments (such as Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, COPD where the horse has difficulty breathing) and behavioural problems (such as headshaking), and to increase fitness and performance. Anyone can do Equine Breathing using free instructions available on Clare’s website above.  It is soothing and relaxing and horses enjoy it.

If a horse has a chronic ailment or behavioural problem, then it will be over breathing (breathing too big a volume of air). Over breathing has a direct and damaging effect on the physiology and can therefore eventually manifest in symptoms.

Equine Breathing is not a veterinary technique or even a therapy, it is simply a training method that owners can use to bring their horse’s breathing back towards normal. As the horse’s breathing improves, the physiology recovers and symptoms reduce.

Click here for a short introductory video about Equine Breathing    The website is full of info including case studies, how it works, how to help your horse, how to help yourself etc. Clare of Equine Breathing is always happy to hear from you and answer questions by email.


Helen Davies    USA

Location:  Elizabeth, ColoradoShe mainly works in the Parker, Franktown, Castle Rock, Littleton areas          

Helen has 16 years experience in Equine & Equestrian Sports Massage Therapies, with 8 years Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.

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Ingrid Iversen    USA

Location: I work in the 4-corners area of Colorado (SW corner)–Durango, Mancos, Cortez, CO., Farmington N.M., and one woman brings rescue horses for me to work on from Utah

Phone:   970-382-2252


What Ingrid does:  I was  a Feldenkrais Practitioner with 2-leggeds for 24 years.  For the past 6 months I have been working to translate this gentle, intelligent work to horses in my own way. Although I have a long way to go to become as experienced and effective as I desire, I am already helping many horses to relax deeply, improve movement in their necks, backs shoulders, pelvis’, hips and legs, and reducing or eliminating pain which comes from poorly organized movement. Through the years I have worked with a number of riders, and I find now that I am often asked to work on owners as well as horses. This is ideal! (I am just beginning a year-long training in energy-healing methods from many world-wide traditions, and plan to adapt those to my work with horses also.)

I am most interested in improving the well-being of horses and in improving my ability to communicate with/know them lovingly. I love teaching people how to help heal both themselves and their animals.


Jean West-Watanabe   Open Door Equine Bodywork    USA

Location: Broomfield, Colorado (covering the front range of Colorado)

Modalities– Equine Massage Therapy, Acupressure and The Masterson Method.

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Kathleen Rossi   USA

Location: Northern Colorado


Phone:  805.748.6244

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What Kathleen does:  Photonic Therapy, Barefoot Trimming,  Licensed Parelli Professional, Equine Sciences Academy (In Progress), Photonic Health Instructor.

Integrated Equine’s Mission Statement: To teach relationship building between horse and human and to develop an intimate understanding of horse psychology and physiology through progressive horse keeping.


Kelly Ankney   Equine Energies    U.S.A.

Location:   LLC Indiana

Email: or

Phone:   317-694-9813

What Kelly does:   Equine deep myofascial muscular and skeletal releases, bio-energy therapy, craniosacral therapy, photonic light therapy, emotional releases, use essential oils, recommend nutrition.  Trained with April Battles, energy work classes, self-study, field work. References available

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About Kelly:  I am extremely passionate about helping horses! I grew up in a holistic home and have continued on with my own family and animals. I began my journey with healing horses by studying to help my own horses. I was blown away with the results, and as people started asking me to work on their horses, my passion became a business that I truly love!  I am constantly studying with an open mind and learning new things. Every horse is unique in personality and needs and I treat them accordingly.  I have a trainer who I work with and we have developed a whole new system of training a horse, mind, body and spirit. I really love to work on hard cases where the horse has been given up on. They are truly needy and respond in an incredible way and give so much of themselves.  I am humbled and continually amazed at how energy work can truly make a huge difference in a horse’s life.


Kelley Mills   USA


Phone: USA 509-925-3991

About Kelley: I am certified/qualified in Myofascial Release, Bio Energy Analysis, Craniosacral Work, Animal Talk, Animal Iridology, Bowen Therapy, Reiki Master, Feng Shui and certified teacher of Equine Acupressure. I specialize in teaching the Whole Horse Energy Work using modalities of choice for each individual horse/human connection. I teach and use Essential Oils, Color Therapy, Flower Essences, Energetic Remedies as well. My specialty is the riding connection between horse and rider on a true bio-mechanical level for the dance between horse and human energetically. I’ll send paragraph at a later date. thank you, Kelley


Linda Wasil      USA

Location: NY/NJ/CT and the World


Phone:  650.400.6128

Certified Facilitator of Conscious Horse/Conscious Rider Practitioner of E.S.S.E. (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment) Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness™ Transformational Life/Business Coach

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About Linda:  I’ve been an energy worker for over 14 years and enjoy working with animals – big and small. The tools and processes of Conscious Horse/Conscious Rider and Access Consciousness™ are extremely powerful and facilitate dynamic change and healing. Please feel free to contact me to learn more or to set-up an intro or class.


LionHeart Ranch

Location:  Agoura Hills, California


Phone:  (818) 865-0118

Click here for Lionheart Ranch’s website

About Lionheart Ranch:  Boarding and Training facility offering many modalities of alternative therapies and holistic care and nutrition as well as a nationally renowned equine therapy program.

Passions:  rehabilitating horses with state of the art modalities and holistic nutrition, healing people using horses’ wisdom, training with a gentle hand and an open heart.


Lorrie Bracaloni  U.S.A.

Location: USA Boonsboro Md


Phone:  301-730-0261

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Modalities:  I am a Certified Holistic Equine Practitioner teaching equine horse owners how to find their horse’s pain points and how to release using acupressure release.

About Lorrie:  She is the author of two books How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points.  And her new book Natural Equine Remedies teaching horse owners what to do in a health related issue using herbs homeopathy essential oils.   I love teaching people how to help their horse thru total wellness.   Love and Peace, Lorrie


Kate Scarlott   USA

Location State of Vermont


Phone:  (802) 472-3378

Qualifications:  Reiki Master Practitioner

About Kate: I offer reiki for all animals for wellbeing, injury, illness, and animals in transition, with house and barn calls I have a broad knowledge and passion for alternative therapies, including homeopathy, and especially reiki. I am studying aromatherapy in the hopes of also incorporating flower essences and essential oils. I also have 20+ years training and working draft horses. Over the last year, I have been studying and evolving my way of being with horses, using the methods of Carolyn Resnick, Jenny Pearce and Klaus Hempfling, among others. I’m learning the tools for a much deeper connection with my horses based on respect, trust, and willingness which reach far beyond other “natural horsemanship” methods. This is an exciting and challenging journey, and my dream is to offer reiki and tools for a more profound and meaningful relationship for animals and humans.


Maureen Harmonay   Animal Translations   USA

Location:  Massachusetts (but I work worldwide)


Phone:  (978) 502-5800

Click here for Maureen’s website

Qualifications:  I am a graduate of Carol Gurney’s HeartTalk program for professional animal communicators, a Reiki II practitioner, and I also use surrogate EFT to help release a horse’s past trauma and fear.

About Maureen:  I am an animal communicator who uses compassion and telepathy to connect with horses and other animals.  I do some local barn visits, but more than 90% of my work is done remotely, working with clients worldwide.  I consult via phone, email, and Skype.

One of my specialties is the ability to feel areas of discomfort in a horse’s body.  This has proved to be helpful in many cases in which a horse’s veterinarian has been unable to precisely pinpoint the source of his pain.  I never diagnose or prescribe, but I can often be helpful in providing a roadmap for the horse’s hands-on practitioner.

I also work with riders to help them understand the reasons behind puzzling behavioral or training difficulties, and can teach them how to incorporate telepathy into their daily work with their horse, for their mutual benefit.  I have helped many less-than-confident riders to enhance their relationships with their horses


Michelle Twohig   DayWithMyHorse Photography, USA

Location:  Pacific Northwest (but can travel in certain circumstances)


Phone:  425-747-4115

Click here for Michelle’s website

What Michelle does:   I capture the human/equine bond in artful ways and find the art in horses simply being horses

Qualifications: 30 years as a graphic/web designer and photo editor, and 3 years as an equine lifestyle photographer (Professional member of Equine Photographers Network)

About Michelle:  My vision is to make the world a healthier place for horses by increasing the perception of their inherent value and benefits to human potential.  I envision a medical field prescribing time with horses rather than drugs, and an evolved horse “industry” based on a deep respect for the nature, needs and language of horses. What makes me different from many equine photographers is that I capture the beauty in many more things about a horse than what performance and sales agendas have defined as “perfect”. The beauty I see is when the horse is allowed to be a horse, and the perfection I see is in the bonds they’re willing to form. . I see my skillset and interests as being a good fit with any therapist who could benefit by an artful, compelling visual documentation of their services—whether as an additional offering for their client or for self-promotional purposes.   (Jenny: It’s Michelle’s mission that has me including her in this list, even though it is a bit of a stretch.  Please do not think that this is carte blanche for equine photographers, this is a list of alternative therapists.)


Raymond Elliott   U.S.A.


Phone:  1 603-772-1118

About Raymond – MAGNETIC THERAPIST Static Magnetic applications for Horse, Rider and pet for all injuries, illnesses and general well-being Physical Magnetics (energy work) following the principals of fluid polarities of the body.

Certified in Applied Magnetics  through the International School of Magnetic Therapy, London, Ontario, Ca.


Dr. Sarah Reagan, VND, DVetHom, HD(RHom) – United States

Location:  Knoxville, Tennessee (eastern part of state) and world wide  phone/email consultations


Phone:  865-607-1863

Click here for Sarah’s website

What Sarah does:  Veterinary naturopathy, homeopathy, homotoxicology, essential oils, flower essences I do consultations on nutrition, general care and management as well as chronic conditions

Qualifications: Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Homeopathy, Registered Homeopath, Certificate in Equine Behavior

About Sarah:   Animals have always been the love of my life, and in the past 12 years I have been privileged to have horses in my life.  They have been and continue to be the best teachers I have!  After a rather circuitous route, I finally followed my heart’s desire and became a veterinary naturopath and homeopath.  It is my conviction that treatment of any kind can only be effective if it is based upon the laws of nature, and to that end I employ only integrative holistic modalities, as well as teaching others how to do so with their animals.  I also have extensive experience in the holistic treatment of equine founder situations, including access to a wonderful barefoot trimmer who is experienced in hoof pathologies.  If you are not in my area, she and I can work together on a consulting basis to help your horse recover from founder, navicular and any related issue.  I am passionate about educating toward the elimination of equine metabolic syndrome as well as continuing research into the etiologies and completely holistic treatment of these related conditions.   (Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed veterinarian and as such do not diagnose or treat disease as conventionally defined.)


Susan Derr Drake       USA

Location:  Santa Barbara, California and clinics throughout the US

Click here for Susan’s website


Phone: 805-452-0414

What Susan does:    Soft Dressage and Ground work for all styles of riding and all breeds of horses, Biomechanics, finding the mini harmonious motions inside the rider and the horse, Nutrition, Muscle Testing, Reflex point Testing, Color Therapy, Reiki, Crystals, Bach Flower essences, etc…

Qualifications:   B.S. Biology/Psychology and Pre-Vet studies, Grand Prix Dressge Rider Olympic and World Cup Candidate, creator of Equimagic Seminars, Reiki Master, Dynamite Specialty Products Silver Director,  Coach for Beginners to Professional World Class riders.

Susan’s passions:  My belief is that less is more and it is our loving responsibility and intention to seek what is for the highest good of the horse.


Tamara Parr,    U.S.A.

CEB Equine a.t. Parr

Phone: 920-253-8151

Click here for Tamar’s website.

About Tamara:  Performance & Therapeutic Bodywork “Horse at Balance” hands-on training for horse owners, teaching horse owners how to read & respond to their horses body language and subtle queues, as well as teaching techniques that encompass acupressure, passive range of motion, and massage.


Trish Broersma –     USA and Australia

Location: Works in all Geographical areas with workshops

Click here for Trish’s website

Phone:    USA – 541.482.6210 (Trish)   Australia – 0409 646 665 (Michaela Kennedy)

Trish’s work is mythical journey adventures with horses: please see the websites for more information

Trish Broersma has worked in the field of therapeutic riding and body-based modalities for the past 24 years.  Her best-selling book Riding into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse, published in 2007 by New World Library, details her innovative work with teens and adults.  She is immediate past president of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, a former section of PATH International (formerly NARHA), where she is a certified therapeutic riding instructor and a faculty member for the Equine Specialist Certification program.


Val Heart     USA

Location:  “Virtually” Everywhere, based in San Antonio, Texas


Phone:  210-863-7928

Modalities:  Expert Animal Communicator and Animal Communication Trainer, Certified Intuitive Healer (BodyTalk Practitioner)

Click here for Val’s Website  

About Val:  Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle and Leading Animal Communication Expert.   Bestselling CoAuthor of The Live Sassy Formula.   Founder of The H.E.A.R.T. System for solving problems with animals   My passion is to give your animal a voice so they can be the master teachers, healers, angels and guides they truly are, and can help you transform into a better, happier, healthier person.  My goal is to cultivate a global culture of compassion, respect and deep heart connected partnerships by harnessing the power, healing and magic of animal communication.   Claim your Free Quickstart to AnimalTalk home study course – go to my website now!



Zsuzsu Illes    USA

Location:  Southern California

Phone:   (818)427-9733


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What Zsuzsu does:  Homeopathic patches for pain, rehab and anti-aging. Ground and riding exercises for realignment and strengthening. Balanced Saddle Fitting.

ReFit        Rehab       ReBalance