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Free lesson and seminar series

Nervous riders  –  the sensitivity of your nerves will be what will make you a REALLY good rider.  Click here for that life changing free seminar.


Beginner ridersClick here to read about this revolution in the way beginner riders are taught to ride sooo… confidently and with such a lovely secure riding position – right from the beginning


Back injuries in horsesClick here to watch this video seminar on HOW you can prevent back injuries in your horse.

Don't forget these free lessons while you're here!

Don’t forget these free lessons while you’re here!

See the sequel to this video in The Horse Rider’s Challenge, below.


How to find REAL Happiness. – Click here for yet another life changing blog for some people


These four articles are about developing an inner guidance system that will make you seriously good with horses

1.  How to be a stand out riding student

2.  Ahhh  horses – and that feeling of not being good enough

3.  Your own unique feel is your capacity for brilliance

4.  What have fish and trees got to do with feeling for your horse?


The Horse Rider’s Challenge

The Horse Rider’s Challenge is to be in a stable, elastically giving, magnetic, stuck to our horse’s back like a glove, physical riding position that allows us to ride our horse with the feel and sensitivity that these wonderful creatures deserve.

Teaching that where-ever you are in the world, is my area of expertise. Click here to take The Horse Rider’s Challenge  – check out your riding seat and at the same time get one of the major keys to being a good rider.