Jenny Pearce

“Pathway to Heaven on Earth”

Pathway To Heaven On Earth is a short, easy to read, punchy little 57 page electronic book with unique insights that will knock the socks off horse owners and other animal lovers alike.

Despite its name, this is not a religious book.

But to say that you’ll understand yourself and other people and life in a completely different way when you’ve read this book, is the understatement of the year.

The wow factor of this book is HUGE.  My editor called it the book of the century.  I think he was a bit biased, but hey, that’s his job.

It’s a series of stories about the people who led me to world changing insights about how we pick up on other people’s (and even animal’s) thoughts and feelings so naturally that we actually think they are our own thoughts and feelings. And that this is not the special gift of sensitive people, but simply a natural connectedness of all beings that is meant to help us reach our dreams and bring us great joy and peace.

It’s a book that makes so much sense of what’s happened in our lives in the past and what’s happening now.

It makes amazing sense of why we feel our feelings, what they are for and how to deal with them in the simple practical way that I’m told that I bring to all of my books.

Pathway to Heaven is only available as an electronic book  for AUD $10.00  You can be reading it in minutes with my “love this book or get your money back”  guarantee.

If you have any trouble at all, email me on and I will attend to it personally.

$10.00 E-book Pathway to Heaven on Earth