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The Nine Keys to Happiness with Your Horse

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The First Key to Happiness – An introduction to your feel, connection and communication

Everyone already has “feel” and experiences connection and communication with their horse. The first step is to bring that unique natural talent that EVERYONE has, to your conscious mind, so that you can strengthen it and eventually use it as a skill. This audio lesson introduces you to your feel, connection and communication with your horse. You can download it to your mobile device and take it out to your horse.

The Second Key to Happiness – Understanding your horse’s fear and anxiety

Helping our horse to live the routine of their life without fear and anxiety, eventually produces a calm, confident horse, happily seasoned by their experience. This is a video / slide lesson of the Comfort Zone Model that will explain the different levels of fear – what’s useful to we ordinary mortals in training our horses – and what is not.

The Third Key to Happiness – Understanding the source of our own nerves and how to deal with them

So many people’s lives are changed in this audio lesson as they also understand another layer of how they experience their connection to their horse, why even advanced riders experience some level of fear or nerves and what to do about it.

The Fourth Key to Happiness – A practical lesson in “feel”

This audio lesson- designed to take out to your horse – is a practical step towards recognizing and then developing your unique sense of “feel” with your horse another step further. This “feel” is more than the feel of your hands on the rope or reins (although that’s part of it). It’s your inner guidance system. In this lesson, the simple act of catching your horse and haltering, is brought to a whole new level of skill and understanding.

The Fourth Key to Happiness – The different ways that we “feel”

Feel is such a big deal, that I’ve added this extra audio lesson about all the different kinds of ways that we can feel for our horse, to help us in recognizing our natural talent for the wonderful thing that it is.

The Fifth Key to Happiness – Getting creative about motivating your horse

Using force with a horse creates stress and tension that will always be reflected in whatever you do with your horse and as you can imagine, stress and tension are miles away at the other end of the universe from Happiness. So how do we motivate them to do what we want without force? This Key is just one answer to that question. This is a video lesson based on something that is a big struggle for some people – getting their horse to pay more attention to them than that juicy piece of grass over there.

The Sixth Key to Happiness – Leadership around food

Quiet, calm safety and good manners at feed time are an excellent place to begin developing leadership with the right attitude. This is a video lesson demonstrating some simple ways to ask for good manners at feed time and includes a separate written lesson for understanding and helping horses in small confined spaces and keeping yourself safe with them at feed time.

The Seventh Key to Happiness – How you can help your horse to release OLD stress and tension

Truly great riders and trainers have an enormous set of skills and an ability to help the horse release old stress and tension to solve problems and to help the horse learn new things. This audio lesson gives ordinary people, even completely novice horse people, a simple Key to helping their horse release old stress and tension and to learn new things much more easily.

The Eighth Key to Happiness – Understanding how your horse reacts under pressure

Understanding our own unique feel is the first thing, then it’s about understanding how the different horse personalities tend to react under pressure and how OUR horse reacts under pressure. This audio lesson adds to our understanding of our horse.

The Ninth Key to Happiness – Changing the world

This is a deeper, more thought provoking lesson about how we can motivate change in our horse and the impact of that truth on our loved ones and the greater world around us. This audio lesson talks about one of those many practical ways that horses can lead us to a bigger truth in life generally, with more peace of mind and a deeper sense of contentment and happiness and well-being as the result. It’s an exciting thought that we can contribute to such profound change in the world, one horse and rider at a time.

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