Jenny Pearce

Animal Communication workshop here at Rokeby

We’re going to have a ball with this workshop.

Learn what YOUR unique skills of inter-species communication are with this lovely afternoon  to expand your understanding of your animals – pets and wild animals too.

What we’ll do is bring your own natural talent into your conscious mind and expand this into deliberate two way communication with your animals.

Everyone can do it.  Over 3,000 students in more than 14 different countries will tell you that my special talent is in helping everyone find their OWN unique abilities in feeling and communicating with their animals.  And I’ve never met anyone that I couldn’t teach to do it.

Work with my beautiful herd of horses, my dogs, cats, chickens and wild animals here.  Bring photos of your own animals to work with too.

The cost is $50, afternoon tea is included and places are limited, so bookings are essential.


Email or phone if you need more information.   Click here to email me or Phone 0417 863394

Address: Happiness and Healing with Horses  181 Old Telegraph Rd East Rokeby – which runs between Bloomfield Rd on one end and Brandy Creek Road on the other.  Parking in the second driveway.





  1. Kathy Peers 09/25/2017, 11:50 am Reply

    If only I lived in your neighborhood Jenny 🙂

    • jennyp 09/25/2017, 1:00 pm Reply

      I’d enjoy it too Kathy – but this one is a but basic for you my dear! 🙂

  2. Mary House 09/25/2017, 10:19 am Reply

    bit far for just an afternoon – but my thoughts will be with you all, enjoy the session

    • jennyp 09/25/2017, 1:01 pm Reply

      Thanks Mary – you’re waayyyy to advanced for this one, this is a starting out class. 🙂

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