Jenny Pearce

Horses and motor bike training here at Rokeby 4th November

Learn how to help your horse to be comfortable with motor bikes out in the bush in this practical afternoon training 1 – 4 pm Saturday 4th November.

This training will suit people who are open to doing things differently, with a deep regard for their horse and a strong desire to be gentle.

We’ll be using real motor bikes and my own horses, to help you to help your horse.

For anyone who is not already a little bit familiar with my work will want to do the Animal Communication afternoon also here at Rokeby on the 8th October to prepare for success OR if you miss that, get at least part way into the life and relationship changing program 21 days to a Quiet Mind.

Undercover section of the arena at Rokeby. Sue’s lovely arena is available for us to work in.



Location: Mayflower Ridge 193 Old telegraph Rd EAST, Rokeby.  Victoria.

There will only be 6 outside horses (plus 3 of mine) and at least two places are already taken before this post, so you’ll need to be quick to bring your horse.  Email me for more information or Phone 0417 863394

Cost for bringing your horse to this training is $100.

Cost for fence-sitting will be $50 for the afternoon

Anyone who has photography skills can fence sit free in return for taking some photos and video. 🙂


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