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You’ve been asking for it – a mini clinic in January

clinic-brochure-jan-2017A clinic with – more Love, more Magic, more Fun, more Safety, more Connection, more Understanding, more Confidence, more Security in your riding seat, more Happiness with your horse AND a nice group of like minded people supporting each other with lovely energy.

Warragul Area – 193 Old Telegraph Road East, ROKEBY.  The arena is next door to Happiness & Healing with Horses.  I’ll put a flag out or some balloons. 🙂

9.00am registration for a 9.30 am start on Thursday 26th  to Saturday 28th January, the Australia Day weekend.  Tea and coffee supplied.  Bring something to share for lunch or if you have special dietary needs BYO lunch.

Fence sitters are very involved and learn a lot in Jenny’s clinics.  You’ll learn the connection with your horse AND improve your riding seat with Jenny’s unique and innovative techniques even if you don’t have a horse there.

Fence-sitters BYO chair AND a photo of your horse.  I’d love it if you’d text me and let me know you’re coming.  Add 0417 to the front of this mobile phone number 866 394.

Fence-sitter cost is $50 for the entire three days if you prepay (buy button below).  Or pay $60 on Day 1, which covers attendance on all three days – whether you’re there for one day or three.  No I’ve not gone crazy.  We have over 2000 students in 15 different countries now and the price for fence-sitting this weekend is specially designed to introduce more local people to this beautiful work. 🙂



Student stories and testimonials – be inspired here! 🙂

At 21 January there is one rider position left.  You’ll find my mobile phone for bookings on the picture above or Email Me – better be quick there’s been a bunch of people asking for this already!  Deposits are non refundable, but ARE able to be used for anything else on any other occasion.

AND if you already know you want to be here, here’s a payment page with fence-sitting prepaid at only $50.  Fence sitters can pay $60 when they arrive on the first day and that covers all three days. 

Fence sitters MUST ATTEND ON THE FIRST DAY TO COME ON SUBSEQUENT DAYS. Each day is full of discovery and I can’t repeat things for people who can’t be there on the first day. 🙂

Yards for horses ($10 night next door) and beds on the floor at our house if you’re coming too far to go home, are free and available in a very convivial atmosphere. 🙂

Come and share in the Grace of the Horse.



  1. Susie Cam & Solnar 01/20/2017, 10:03 am Reply

    Ohhh hopefully you will offer another one down the track. Are you still ok to go ahead after the fall? I have my horse massage course on same days….otherwise I would have been putting my bells on…..! (note to self – check Jenny’s blogs regularly…..!!) love x

    • jennyp 01/20/2017, 10:55 am Reply

      Or fill in that rss feed box and get notified every time I do a blog. 🙂 I’ll be fine by then, improving every day and I have at least two fabulous teachers in training helping as well. 🙂 I should stick to horses hey? And give the motor bikes a miss!

  2. Kathy Peers 12/31/2016, 12:58 pm Reply

    Me too Jenny – wish I could come 🙂 One day – maybe??? Have a wonderful time 🙂

    • jennyp 12/31/2016, 1:27 pm Reply

      Yeah, we’re gonna’ meet in person one day… 🙂

  3. Anna-Karin 12/30/2016, 8:21 pm Reply

    I´d love to bee there too! It would have been sooooo coooool! Someday….
    I didn´t think it was possible to attend Liz Mitten Ryans retreat, but I was there, I never thought I would attend Carolyn Resnicks clinic, but I was there…
    Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreami…………

    • jennyp 12/30/2016, 10:15 pm Reply

      You’ll be here one day Anna -Karin! 🙂 🙂

      • Anna-Karin 12/31/2016, 3:30 am Reply


  4. Kathy Cavanah 12/30/2016, 3:55 pm Reply

    I’d love to attend if it weren’t for the 8,000 miles of water between you and me.

    • jennyp 12/30/2016, 4:11 pm Reply

      And I’d love you to, too! <3

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