Jenny Pearce

This is me seriously coming out of the horse closet


Bobby, the first horse to teach me how to bring dreams to reality.

Bobby, the first horse to teach me how to bring dreams to reality.


I have a dream…

I believe that peace on earth in my lifetime is possible.  (So that means we have about 40 years or so left folks…)

I believe that if only people understood each other, had empathy for each other, for animals, for the earth herself – then most of the crappy things that happen in the world just wouldn’t happen.


Maybe, but I don’t think so.

I have a dream that horse people will lead the world into the peacefulness and happiness that comes from understanding that connectedness with others.

It is that unique way that you experience feel for your horse, it is the inner guidance system that I have been talking about in the last four blog articles, that will bring peacefulness and happiness to your life with your horse – that will make possible the short step to finding that peacefulness and happiness in other parts of your life as well.

And THAT will make you one of the horse people leading the world into peace on earth.

Can you feel how exciting that is?


And while you are practising being peaceful and happy in my programs, you will ride well – maybe even brilliantly if you apply yourself to the lessons – and be knowledgeable and competent and confident and above average in your ability with horses.

Wow… I have REALLY come out of the closet!




  1. Lucy Huxter 10/12/2014, 9:25 am Reply

    Hi Jenny, I have literally only just stumbled across your website today, looking for some advice on saddle fitting of all things!! I am stunned that I happened upon your blog in this way because for some time now I have been feeling, and I know I am not alone, that humanity ( or at least part of it ) is on the verge of a knew awakening of consciousness and at the same time feeling that communication on a different level with my horses is becoming more and more a focus for me with my horsemanship. It is all interconnected in a way that is very exciting when I discover that others are thinking along the same lines. I would be very interested to hear more of your thoughts. Well done for having the courage to speak your mind! Lucy

    • jennya 10/12/2014, 10:11 am Reply

      Well welcome to our blog like minded Lucy! Funny the coincidence hey? Those feel articles, starting with the one called How to be a stand out student – since you are already paying attention to at least one of your “feels”, you are gonna’ LOVE the lessons! 🙂 They talk about the five very different ways of feeling for your horse and the unique combinations that everyone has natural talent in and how to use those talents as strengths.
      Here’s the link to the last one which has the other three articles linked in it too…

  2. Joanna Blake 10/10/2014, 7:44 pm Reply

    thank you for ‘coming out’ jenny because that’s where it all begins, when we share our dreams and intentions for peace. now others might feel less shy about doing the same. i finish my gruelling work on monday and can’t wait to start seriously applying myself to your lessons, best, joanna

    • jennya 10/10/2014, 9:51 pm Reply

      Enjoy them, with many blessings! 🙂

  3. Gigi Hamilton-Wood 10/09/2014, 11:58 pm Reply

    “Let peace begin with me….” I know I found what inner peace I have from being with horses! This post seems to be a coming together of like minds–me, too. Wonder who will get to be the “hundredth monkey”?

    • jennya 10/10/2014, 6:36 am Reply

      I am familiar with that story/theory/whatever you would call it. 🙂 I am thinking that we already have 100 people finding some measure of inner peace, just here in our program alone. Maybe it was 100 monkeys that was a tipping point on that island and that it’s a certain proportion of the much larger human population? Laughing at myself here. I am sooo… literal!
      It’s an excellent concept to bring up Gigi, because the concept of tipping point means that world change is much closer than we think and should give much heart to those that despair that the problems are just too big.

  4. Kathryn Morgan 10/09/2014, 3:11 pm Reply

    I’m with you Jenny – wonderful!

  5. valezka macdonald 10/09/2014, 2:04 pm Reply

    I see that vision too, have seen it for many years along with the horses. It is already here, we just have to receive it. I believe it down to my bones. All my deepest most heart felt support for your vision. Xxx

    • jennya 10/09/2014, 5:02 pm Reply

      Thank you Valezka. Why am I not surprised? We have so often had the same visions, it’s uncanny! 🙂

  6. Di 10/09/2014, 12:05 pm Reply

    Woo hoooo well done Jenny. After all it gets tight in the closet?
    I’m with you, trying at least – do need a lot more ‘practise’, for want of a better word, for this peace and happiness to ALWAYS be there.

    • jennya 10/09/2014, 12:10 pm Reply

      Thanks Di! 🙂 I remember having a vision of this about 6 or more years ago and being VERY moved by the possibilities. Crikey it’s taken me long enough to talk about it!

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