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An Eponaquest day

Shelley Rosenberg, a Grand Prix rider and senior faculty member at Eponaquest who trains her horses for dressage competitions bitless.

I came home last night laughing at myself gently.

Yesterday I did a one day Way of the Horse workshop with 5 apprentice Eponaquest facilitators under the supervision of two senior faculty members from Eponaquest, Shelley Rosenberg and Dr Nancy Coyne.

And OMGoodness – what a day – wow!

I was laughing at myself gently because I had thought that what they were going to do was a beginners day, which it was and I was there to meet Shelley Rosenberg in person after corresponding with her.  And I thought that although there is always something to be learned, there would not be so much for me because I already use this kind of work in a really advanced way in my everyday working with horses and people.

What a joke on me!  I should have known that the combination of horses and beautifully facilitated work would always bring in something big for everyone.  I had three major breakthroughs/insights during the day, all of them life changing in their way and enjoyed the day hugely and was privileged to watch others get beautifully big breakthroughs and change too.


Dr Nancy Coyne, a psychiatrist on the senior faculty at Eponaquest, a beautiful energy and and a late starting rider herself.

And gosh if those five ladies are apprentices, I cannot imagine how good they will be when they are qualified.  Many thanks for a wonderful day, to Kristen Ableson, Karen Curnow, Kylie Peters, Louise Hillman and Judy Brightman – what beautiful energy you all had, how truly professionally skilled you are and what a wonderful day you facilitated.

If you get the chance to attend one of these days – no matter where you are at, I cannot recommend it too highly.




  1. Shelley Rosenberg 05/21/2013, 1:26 am Reply

    Thank you so much for coming to the workshop. I was so happy to meet you and your students. I’m glad you received the gifts these woman have to offer.
    Thanks again

  2. Corey 05/20/2013, 10:47 am Reply

    SOOOOooooooo thrilled to hear you experienced a momentous day! Can’t wait to see what THEY write when they experience your own deeply inspiring teachings.

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