Jenny Pearce

Wabi Sabi love applied to our horse relationships

Earlier last year I read this great book Wabi Sabi Love – The ancient art of finding perfect love in imperfect relationships by Arielle Ford.  I loved it – it was a good read, an easy read and Arielle lead me to more than one of those ahhaa moments.  I gave it the Amazon 5 star rating.

When her give-away promotion arrived on my desk this morning (it’s still doing the rounds!) it caused me to reflect on how our horses as well as our partners could benefit from the concept of Wabi Sabi Love.

I’ll let Arielle explain the concept – so here is the link to Arielle’s give away and if you enjoy that, then go get the book – I highly recommend it!

Hmmm… how often does it turn out that attitudes and philosophies that are good for our horses turn out to be good for our other close relationships.  I reckon your partners will love this book too!

Click here for Arielle’s give away


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