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International Peace Day special horse event 22nd September


This year to celebrate Peace day, you have the opportunity to join a Peace Group called The First Steps of Peace in a peace inspired, live video horse event with our empowered herd of horses that will be streamed on Facebook from our farm here at Rokeby in Victoria.

Peace day special horse event with The First Steps of Peace

At 2.00 to 3pm Saturday 22 nd September, you can come back and CLICK HERE to join The First Steps of Peace on the Facebook live video streaming here with our herd of horses in Australia.

Or email me if you’d enjoy to be here live – extremely limited spaces available.

Click here to work out what time and day that will be for you.

Here’s the press release:

This year to celebrate Peace day the First Steps of peace team will be joining internationally renowned practical and emotional intuitive, healer and horse listener Jenny Pearce and her empowered herd of horses to explore a unique way of experiencing peace within, which can bring us closer to peace on earth. We will be doing a Facebook live video streaming event at 2.00 pm on Saturday 22nd September.

Jenny’s philosophy:

  •  International peace starts within each one of us – you and me – finding our own inner peace.
  •  Experiencing just how much we really ARE all one, is a clear path to peace with others.
  •  No one teaches us this better than horses.


Studies have shown just being around a happy and relaxed horse brings peoples heart rates, breathing and blood pressure down, bringing them into a state of being that is much more conducive to inner peace.

We would love you to join us on our FB live stream where Jenny and her amazing horses will take us on a journey that will help us experience our connection with each other and all of life and show us a way that we can experience inner peace which will in turn help us to achieve international peace.

At 2.00pm on Saturday 22nd September Melbourne time, click here for the live video streaming from the First Steps of Peace facebook page:

We hope you can tune in for this truly special event!

The First Steps of Peace Team.




  1. Anna-Karin Hägglund 10/01/2018, 9:38 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny!
    I finally watched the recording and so beautiful you guided the children and the others. I just loved it! And what a brilliant question to ask what peace is for them. I will take that with me, and keep on working with how importent it is to start with oneself!
    I became very emotional when Charles and Rapunzel met, and her calming energy just filled my heart.

    • jennyp 10/02/2018, 5:12 am Reply

      There was a LOT of energy between Charles and Rapunzel hey? And of course she is special to you too since you worked with her here.

  2. June McIntosh 09/24/2018, 1:54 am Reply

    Hi, Jenny! I watched the recording of the event. Even with the recorded version, a couple of times I felt the energy of the moment. Especially, with Charlie and Rapunzel, I could feel my shoulders widen and expand across the front, right before you said, “Can you feel the expansion of energy?” And the horse with the itchy shoulder – my shoulder got itchy. I loved watching the children with the horses! What a lovely event!

    • jennyp 09/24/2018, 5:29 am Reply

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it June AND that you could feel the energy on the recorded version. I know that happens with our live seminars, so I was hoping that we would. The children WERE gorgeous hey? The world’s future is in their hands. 🙂 Are you out of the floods in Texas? All you love safe?

      • June McIntosh 09/24/2018, 7:40 am Reply

        Thanks, Jenny – we’ve had tons of rain in PA, but we’ve been spared flooding. Texas this year is doing ok so far!

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