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Recording of the International Peace Day Event with First Steps of Peace.

What a lovely variety of experiences we had with the horses, of finding peace within OURSELVES in a connection to others.  That’s the very principle that has the capacity to create peace on earth.

Willingness and Connection = Understanding = Peace

We had two interesting things happen before we even started the livestream where the herd demonstrated those principles.  Sunny needed to work off some explosively stuck energy when she came down into the arena.  She was rearing and bucking and pigrooting and flicking her body this way and that.  The visitors got to see the whole herd visibly Holding Space for her, creating a calm, peaceful and safe container of energy until she worked off her explosiveness with no harm to anyone else.

Compare that to how society treats someone who’s behaving “badly.”  We more often than not judge them for their behavior without having any understanding of WHY they’re behaving like that. When we are connected in the way that people experienced with the horses on Saturday – and when we are open and willing to understand them – then that understanding WILL happen, the person has their best chance for their own positive change and THAT’s when peace has a chance.

OUR peace first and from THAT, the other person’s peace is possible. It only takes one person in an upset to create the opportunity for peace.

Click on the photo above and see the expression on Alex and Oliver’s faces better.  That’s Alex our videographer extraordinaire having a moment with Oliver.  He’s only 12 years old and he did a fabulous job!  Alex captured some of that footage of Sunny’s explosions with the herd Holding Space on his video camera before the livestream, so I’ll share that when I get it.   

Then the two horses who had initially not come in the arena with us, changed their minds and got quite upset at being left behind, so Sue and I went back out and brought them in at liberty.  The whole herd was in high energy, leaping and running around.  At that point I taught the HUMANS how to go inside and Hold Space for the horses this time and almost instantly the energy of the herd calmed down.

Boots with Erin from The First Steps of Peace

Just imagine the power of a whole heap of people doing THAT when bad things are escalating in the world. 🙂

There’s a couple of back stories that I thought you might enjoy too.  The children – oh the children were gorgeous!  The world is going to be in good hands.

We went first with Jayden my grandson because he’s worked with the whole herd many times now, bless his little cotton socks.  He adores the horses.  He’s not so fussed about riding, although he has enjoyed a few grazing sits on Rapunzel, but he just loves being with them.  Last Christmas Day he burst into tears when he was told we had to have our Christmas presents before we went out to feed the horses.  (There was a good reason for that!  🙂 )

Hanna, the little girl who went second on the video, is seen in the photo here having a pre-birth horse blessing from my Bobby.  We always knew she was going to have a special connection to horses.   Her mother Shae was visiting when she was heavily pregnant and went out into the paddocks to meet the horses.  Bobby was intrigued by her belly, whoffling and snuffling, making beautiful little noises all over the baby bump.  We all felt he was talking to the baby.

Before the livestream started, when the people were gathering in the yards, Hanna was in the back row, when Bobby recognized her energy and sought her out, leaning through everyone else to get to her.  And some people think horses are dumb!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated and thanks specially to Amansa, Dani, Hanna, Alex and Erin from the First Steps of Peace whose idea this was. 🙂

Click here for the Livestream and enjoy the lovely energy of a herd of horses doing their bit to create peace.  Please feel free to share this path to Peace around.  You don’t need to be a facebook user to see this video.


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