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Save your horse from leg injuries

Mel laying down Boots

Young Boots’ responses to the training in this video lesson were quicker than you might expect because Melissa had already created a bond of deep trust with him.

If you’ve had a horse injured in a fence, who can ever forget our first horrified sight of those injuries.  Gosh, because of my work as a healer, I’ve seen some bad ones.

If you’ve been lucky enough not to have that happen, you can avoid those kind of injuries altogether, by using this lesson to teach your horse how to respond differently to getting their leg caught up in the first place.

I get that the vet bill is nowhere near as important as your horse, but teaching your horse to respond differently might just save you a whopping vet and bandaging bill too.

A real time video of fixing the trauma of an accident.

The video below is a lesson from Fast Track to Brilliant Riding – my flagship online lesson program. Not only is this a real life, real time, almost unedited RELEASE of the tension caused by a fright from an accident that happened just minutes before the camera rolled, you can use the same techniques / steps to teach your horse to AVOID injuries – even fence injuries.

In this case, young Boot ‘n’ Scoot had got his leg caught in a rope that was tied around his neck and had been spinning around and around with his back leg caught up near his neck, terrified.

The tension from this accident would have affected his ridden work.

Fear is cumulative.  If she hadn’t done the RELEASE work that you’ll see in this video, that terror from the accident would have been added on to every other fear he experienced from then onwards – making every new fear bigger and more intense – FOREVER.

The tension from this kind of thing doesn’t suddenly disappear when you put your foot in the stirrup.  When you think about it, of course that tension is still there and would absolutely have had adverse effects on his ridden work if it hadn’t been fixed.

Gosh folks… Do you get why this is SUCH a big deal?  How often are you dealing with tension and even fear from your horse in their ridden work and it has little, maybe even nothing to do with the ridden work itself?

How often do I hear people worrying about horses with separation anxiety, spookiness, stiffness in their stride, tension and unwillingness in all kinds of situations – all kinds of problems – and how often did the cause happen long before you put your foot in the stirrup?

There’s an even bigger deal

I’d like you to focus for a few seconds on how big it is that with this work you can help your horse to release an old fear – even an old trauma – and that you can fix it so thoroughly that it is as if it never even happened.  In fact you can make it BETTER than if it never happened, because your bond with your horse is stronger every time you help them fix a problem.

You can use this lesson to fence proof your horse

Then in the video, you’ll will see the RE-LEARN stage as this wonderful little horse is learning to give to a rope in such a way that he will be able to give to a rope gently if he ever gets tangled in one again.

… AND even more importantly, he will be able to give to a fence if he is caught in it.

… AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY STILL – this world class horsewoman working with world class Feel is an ordinary working Mum who was seeing her horses less than most – sometimes only once a month.


I do ask one thing of you please.  I have this vision of our work rippling out into the world – helping to create happy confident horses and happy confident people.  You can support us in this vision, by sharing the link of this post on Facebook and maybe to friends here and there who have had horses injured in fences.

And if somehow you have found this page without already enjoying our free lessons The 9 Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, which are the background philosophy behind this and every other lesson,  then you can register for your 9 Keys to Happiness here.

Fast Track to Brilliant Riding is where you’ll learn the Feel of a world class horse person yourself.   Stop smiling at that!  🙂  I know so many people think I must be exaggerating with that ‘world class’ remark, but I make it my personal mission to make sure that everybody on the Fast Track program gets familiar with their unique Feel and creates that exact possibility. 🙂

And Fast Track is the program that will help your horse will gain the kind of deep trust in you, that made it possible for young Boots to go from terror to confidence in his person’s ability to help him – in just moments.

Gorgeous stuff that makes me smile.

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