Jenny Pearce

Impossible Healing

Horse magic – compassion overload causes harm?

Who would have thought that overwhelming compassion could do so much damage to the body?  And who would have thought that resolving that – in a horse clinic of all things – could accelerate healing after artificial knee surgery so dramatically? When I went to photograph a day in the life of Frances, I got […]

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Kristina – crippling arthritis healed

Arthritis – whether it’s in humans or horses – is fixable. In this video you’ll see how Kristina has fixed her arthritis after 20 years of suffering and then below the video we’ll talk about how horses heal people and people heal horses and more specifically – what other people can do to reverse their arthritis […]

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Horse Magic – the healing of Pye

Does the Person Heal the Horse or the Horse Heal the Person? Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed or even sick to the stomach about not being able to solve a problem with your horse? Or even thought that there just has to be an easier way? The Healing of Pye focuses on the […]

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Stories of impossible healing

I have maybe hundreds of stories now, of “miraculous” healing with alternative medicine and therapies – miraculous to the modern medical fraternity anyway, but I always seem to start with telling people this story.  I guess it’s because it’s so close to my heart. My husband is the bravest man I know.   Almost 22 […]

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A clinic full of miracles every day

I thought you might  enjoy reading how the realities of the 8 day Horse Retreat earlier this month, lived up (or not) to my hype.  🙂  Remember, the theme of the clinic was inner peace and all the different paths people could take to find it – through their own health, through their horse’s well […]

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Magic for horse riders

I’ve talked about the benefits of working with our vaulting horse Magic before – it is extraordinary…   We did a gorgeous session here with Magic last week, where Leanne dropped 20 years of pain and discomfort in two sessions and found a centaur like riding position.  And she got all of that in a complete comfort zone […]

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